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10th November 2022

London Beer City, a newsletter about the capital’s pubs and breweries, launches this Friday

A monthly newsletter devoted to London’s pubs, breweries and beer culture has been launched by journalist Will Hawkes.

Called London Beer City (the name of a city-wide beer week run by Hawkes that existed between 2014 and 2017), it will cover the capital’s beer culture at a particularly difficult time for hospitality in the city. The newsletter will be published monthly, starting this Friday.

“We’ve seen recently how difficult it has become for pubs and breweries in London,” says Hawkes. “The loss of breweries like Canopy is not just sad for the owners, but for the neighbourhoods they serve too. Hopefully I can help remind people of the value of local beer businesses – pubs, breweries and more.”

Hawkes was the author of Craft Beer London, an app guide to the city’s burgeoning beer culture as it grew rapidly between 2012 and 2016. “I think London beer is more interesting now than it was then; it’s evolving, and becoming more like the city,” he says.

The newsletter will blend journalism, upcoming events, regular features and more. “There are lots of interesting stories out there,” adds Hawkes, who was Fortnum and Mason Drink Writer of the Year in 2021 and British Guild of Beer Writers’ Writer of the Year in 2013. “Hopefully I’ll be able to create something that’s interesting for drinkers and those who work in the business too.”

You can subscribe at For more information contact, or Will Hawkes on twitter (@will_hawkes).

Press release from Will Hawkes.

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