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24th April 2020

Lowlander Launches Low ABV Islander Tropical Ale – Escapism in a bottle!

Lowlander Botanical Beers, the pioneers of botanical brewing from the Netherlands, has added a Tropical Ale to its range, just in time for Summer.

Sitting at 3.8% abv, their new Islander beer is made using Lowlander’s unique botanical brewing method; a hybrid infusion of botanicals and beer, as well as herbs, spices and fruits – inspired by the trade and travel of the “Lowlanders” (the Dutch) and the use of botanicals in gin and Dutch Genever. Brewed with refreshing oranges from the Island of Curaçao in the Caribbean, and exotic dragonfruit, Lowlander Islander Tropical Ale is the perfect escape from reality. Sit back, close your eyes and let Lowlander Islander transport you to the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean – even if only for a moment!

Chief Botanical Officer and Lowlander Founder, Frederik Kampman says, “Inspired by our travels to continental beaches in Europe and slightly more tropical days in the Dutch Caribbean, we wanted to brew a beer inspired by the Island of Curaçao which would enable explorers to take life a little bit less seriously.”

Full of colours, flora and fauna, the Island of Curaçao is known for the famous Curaçao Orange. The fruit evolved from a bright orange colour and sweet taste into the green and inedible bitter Curaçao Orange. The peel however is extremely aromatic and adds a refreshing kick to Islander Tropical Ale.  The dragonfruit is one of several cactus species and, just like its relatives, has a succulent stem that provides a uniquely delicious fruit. Lowlander Islander with its fruity notes and refreshing flavour, pairs brilliantly with nachos, ceviche or BBQ ribs. The taste of Caribbean food also stands up to the strong characteristics of Islander.

Following on from the success of Lowlander’s 0.00% Wit (White) Beer, the launch of Islander Tropical Ale is an adventurous next step in Lowlander’s  journey.  The new expression joins Lowlander’s existing range of botanically brewed beers, including White Ale, Pale Ale, I.P.A, Poorter, Grapefruit Pale Ale, Yuzu & Grapefruit Infusion, and 0.00% Wit Beer.

Lowlander Islander Tropical Ale is available to purchase online as a case of 12 from Westons Cider for £30.50 or as individual bottles from Bath Road Beers for £3.00 a bottle.

Lowlander 0.00% Zesty Zero Alcohol Beer

Perfect for enjoying at home on alcohol-free days, Netherlands botanical brewery, Lowlander Beer has you covered with its first no-alcohol beer. Brewed with reclaimed citrus peel, from bars and restaurants who use the fruit to squeeze fresh orange and lemon juice, Lowlander 0.00% Wit (White) Beer, unlike other non-alcoholic beer options, is bursting with fruity, citrus flavours.

Every year 250 million kilos of orange peel are discarded in The Netherlands. By working with PeelPioneers, who pick up and process this ‘waste’ in a circular, eco-friendly way, Lowlander are not only able to make sure each beer has the same zing and bitterness that alcohol usually provides but are also helping to reduce our collective environmental footprint.

Now that’s worth toasting to…Proost!

Lowlander 0.00% Wit Beer is available to purchase online as a case of 12 from Westons Cider for £26.55.

Notes to editors

Lowlander Islander Tropical Ale
Priced from £3.00 for 33cl
Style: Tropical Ale
ABV: 3.8% alcohol
Brewed with: Curaçao orange and Dragonfruit
Colour: gold
Flavour notes: Cool and crisp with tropical fruity notes
115 cal a bottle

Continuing the Dutch exploration theme featured on the Lowlander bottles, the story of the label of Islander Tropical Ale is about The Healing Island – Sailors who fell ill on Dutch trading ships were left on the Island of Curaçao as they passed. Upon their return they found the sailors had miraculously recovered. Lowlander Tropical Ale uses the secrets of the Islands’ vitamin C rich Curaçao orange & dragonfruit, to create the most replenishing of beers perfect for sipping on the dock of the bay.

Lowlander 0.00% Wit Beer
Priced from £1.99 for 33cl
Style: Wit beer
ABV: 0.00% alcohol
Colour: golden yellow
Flavour notes: Refreshing and crisp with bursts of fruit and citrus flavours
76 cal a bottle

Continuing the Dutch exploration theme featured on the Lowlander bottles, the story on the label of Lowlander 0.00% is about Drebbel’s Diving Boat – the world’s first submarine invented in the 1600s.  Dutch inventor Cornelis Drebbel was invited by King James I to Court and demonstrated the first ever submarine made from a barrel, propelled using oars, to the King and thousands of Londoners on the River Thames.

About Lowlander Botanically Brewed Beers
Lowlander Beer is an award-winning brewery from The Netherlands – literally the Low Lands. Each of its botanically brewed beers has a unique story and a unique flavour. Lowlander’s ‘Chief Botanical Officer’, Frederik Kampman, worked for years in breweries and gin and genever distilleries in both The Netherlands and internationally. ‘As soon as I got into the world of distilling, I was gripped by the number of herbs and spices used. As a beer lover, I started to wonder what these botanicals could add to beer.’ And so, the idea for Lowlander Beer was born: unique, naturally delicious beers brewed with botanicals. Lowlander does not only use herbs and spices but also (re-)uses discarded botanicals such as Christmas tree needles for their Winter I.P.A. and reclaimed citrus peels from bars and restaurants for their 0.00% Wit beer.

Since it was founded in 2016, Lowlander Beer has garnered acclaim from both industry insiders, discerning consumers and media, with listings in over 2500 accounts across the globe, including key cities such as Berlin, Paris and Hong Kong. Other countries include Russia and Curacao. Their ‘Tree to Table’ campaign, using recycled Christmas trees to brew their 2019 Winter I.P.A., had a global reach of 68 million people. Lowlander Botanical Beers has won over thirty medals including Best I.P.A. of The Netherlands and World’s Best Label at the 2019 World Beer Awards; a Certificate of Excellence for their White Ale at the 2019 Brussels Beer Challenge and a 2 star rating at the  2019 Great Taste Awards.

Follow Lowlander’s journey on Instagram and Facebook: @lowlanderbeer

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