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22nd September 2019


Magic Rock collaborates with Somerset brewery Wild Beer Co, on four beers, brewed exclusively for Waitrose. With an excellent cross-section of beer styles to choose from, there will undoubtedly be something for everyone.

Launching in selected Waitrose stores in September, two sour beers, a Saison and an unctuous chocolate cherry stout will be available as part of Waitrose’s Collaboration Beer Festival, bringing some of the UK’s best breweries together to offer something a little different to the supermarket’s usual range.

Head of Production, Christa Sandquist says

‘It’s been great working with Wild Beer Co to develop recipes for Waitrose. We’ve come up with a great variation of beer styles, that will give customers a taste of the style of beers that we each brew.”

Rhubarb Kiss, a lightly sour, fruity and refreshing gose, carries flavours of sharp apple and heaps of stewed rhubarb, which ends in a dry mouth-puckering finish with light fruit sweetness. It’s delicious paired with grilled fish, and perfect for enjoying as the autumnal nights draw ever closer.

One for sharing, Offbeat, available in 750ml bottles, is rich, balanced and complex. A huge cherry chocolate stout and one to savour- full of layers of chocolate flavour (think bitter, rich and indulgent) with bright cherry acidity and a lingering sweet taste.

Collaboration is an excellent way for breweries to learn from each other, each bringing their knowledge and flair and combining skills to create something unique.

On collaboration, Wild Beer Co commented:

‘We were delighted to be teaming up with Magic Rock again to produce not 1 but 4 different collaboration beers. Here at Wild, we have a very different approach to brewing than they do at Magic. This makes it interesting for pulling together for these collaborations and amalgamating both of our brewing styles together. These beers we have produced are heavily influenced by each other’s learnings, and each one is unique in its way.’

The two remaining beers, a berry gose, and a mixed fermentation IPA sit at (equally delicious) opposite ends of the spectrum. High & Dry, a complex, rustic, bright and crisp Wild IPA uses mixed fermentation (different yeast cultures working in harmony, adding complex depth and favours to beer) alongside Loral and Lemon Drop hops to carry a herbal and lemon flavour on the tongue; while Berry Kiss showcases layers of hedgerow fruit that give way to a balance of sweetness and light acidity; it’s a beer that will make your tastebuds dance!

The Collaboration Beer Festival runs in select Waitrose stored until the end of September.

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About Magic Rock Brewing:

  1. Magic Rock Brewing was established by Richard Burhouse and Stuart Ross in 2011 and has grown to be one of the UK’s leading modern craft breweries.
  2. Magic Rock Brewing specializes in idiosyncratic beers with an innovative quality driven approach. Our ‘Same but Different’ beers are packed with intense yet approachable flavours which will challenge and inspire, but above all remain balanced and drinkable.
  3. We are multi-award-winning for both quality and taste in the World Beer Cup, RateBeer Best and CAMRA awards.

For more on Magic Rock Brewing, please contact:

Vik Kastenbauer Stronge

Brand & Marketing Manager

T: 01484 649823

M: 07908 627394