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30th January 2012

Mark Reid, author of ‘The Inn Way’ guidebooks, gets booted up with ALT-BERG

Mark Reid, North Yorkshire based author and Mountain Leader, clocks up over 1,000 miles every
year whilst walking across moor and mountain, and gets through a pair of boots every 18 months.
In the last decade, Mark has walked over 11,000 miles across the North of England.
Giant Strides
But they aren’t just any old footprints Mark leaves behind, as he takes size 14 boots. It’s hard to find
size 14 walking boots. They just don’t stock them in outdoor shops. Coupled with this, his last boot
supplier has recently stopped making his size in the style that he has worn for several years.
Barefoot walking across the hills beckoned until Alt-Berg came to the rescue, Britain’s last remaining
boot manufacturer who just so happen to also be based in North Yorkshire and manufacture all
their boots between Richmond, North Yorkshire and Treviso, Italy. A match made in heaven, or at
least the Yorkshire hills. For, not only do they produce quality boots of the highest craftsmanship,
but they produce boots with five width fittings, and in a size 14.
“My boots are the most important part of my walking gear as I’ll make over 22,000 strides on a 10-
mile walk, so they have to be comfortable and able to withstand to rigours of the Yorkshire
terrain.” explained Mark Reid.
“Every year I take hundreds of people out walking in the Yorkshire Dales or teaching them map
skills, and I’m often asked about clothing and gear, so now I’ll be able to recommend a pair of
boots from a Yorkshire manufacturer by pointing at my feet!” added Mark.
Made in Yorkshire
In addition to this, Mark is passionate about the provenance of what he produces, and prides
himself of walking, researching, writing, printing and binding his books in England – unlike many
other book publishers.
“What makes places like the Yorkshire Dales special to me is the local story it has to tell, whether it
be the history of the landscape or its people, or the pints and food in the village pub. It is that local
provenance that sets it apart. I have always tried to continue that tradition by producing my books
in the North of England, where I have a good working relationship with my printers and I know
my carbon footprint is as small as I can make it – certainly not a size 14! That’s what makes Alt-Berg
such a great company to be associated with, as it stands as Britain’s last boot manufacturer and it’s
based in Yorkshire.” said Mark.
ENDS – 30/01/12
InnWay Publications Tel: 01423 871750 / Mobile: 07711 264019
PHOTO: Mark Reid, with his dog Elvis, wearing his size 14 Alt-Berg boots.
Please credit Giles Rocholl Photography.
Mark Reid
Mark Reid, 42 and owner of Harrogate-based InnWay Publications, set up his now widely
acclaimed small publishing house ten years ago to write and publish the award-winning ‘Inn Way’
series of walking books that promote sustainable tourism in areas such as the Yorkshire Dales, North
York Moors, Lake District, Northumberland and Peak District. Mark Reid gave up a successful career
in the brewing industry in 1997 to follow his dream of making his living writing about England’s
wonderful North Country. Mark has so far written a total of seventeen books, including five books
in “The Inn Way” series. He also writes regular articles concerning walking, the countryside and the
outdoors for several newspapers and magazines.
The Inn Way… to the Yorkshire Dales – 76 miles, 6 days, 26 pubs
The Inn Way… to the Peak District – 84 miles, 6 days, 51 pubs
The Inn Way… to the North York Moors – 89 miles, 6 days, 31 pubs
The Inn Way… to the English Lake District – 90 miles, 7 days, 44 pubs
The Inn Way… to Northumberland – 94 miles, 6 days, 48 pubs
Awards and accolades include:
The Sunday Times “Travel Book of the Week” (The Inn Way…to the English Lake District)
The Guardian “Travel Book of the Week” (Town Trails: North Yorkshire)
The Mail on Sunday “Travel Book of the Week” (The Inn Way… to the Peak District)
“Highly Commended”, Lakeland Book of the Year Awards 1999 (The Inn Way…to the English Lake
For further information about Alt-Berg please visit