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2nd August 2012


Hobgoblin, the figurehead and initiator for the highly publicised ‘British Pubs Need You’ campaign, is set to take centre stage at this year’s Great British Beer Festival and will be urging festival-goers to scrap the beer duty escalator tax through the e-petition campaign.

The e-petition is hosted at and beer lovers should sign up if they want to continue to be able to pop into their local any time for a fresh pint of cask ale. The pub industry creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, which could be put at risk if pubs continue to close.

Alongside the Hobgoblin, CAMRA representatives working at the event will be wearing T-shirts bringing the campaign to everyone’s attention.

“Pushing the message about tax and beer is certainly something we will continue to drive,” said James Coyle, director of marketing & take home for Marston’s Beer and Pub Company, “This event is a great place where we can obviously try to add to the 70,000 thousand names that are already on the petition.”


Politics aside, Marston’s is set to showcase the full range of beer styles available from its diverse portfolio, crafted at their five regional breweries.


Ian Ward, marketing manager for Marston’s Beer and Pub Company adds: “The Great British Beer Festival is such an important event, where those in the trade and beer lovers alike, can come and gain a more complete understanding of the craft that goes into making the perfect pint.


“Visitors will be able to come to our stand and learn about the importance of strength, style and colour, and how all these factors contribute to the different tastes.”


As well as getting up to mischief with the Hobgoblin, Marston’s will also offer trade customers chance to experience ‘hop-rubbing’ and a couple of variants of its Single Hop range will be there for all to sample.


Ian said: “The differences between hops is something really fascinating. Our Single Hop range has been great for demonstrating the impact that the actual hops have on flavour and aroma.”


Aside from the drinking and politics, festival-goers will be pleased to hear that the friendly Marston’s maidens will be at the show too.




For further information on Marston’s activity at the GBBF 2012 then please contact Kimberley Owen on 01926 463339 or email on



Invitation to join us at GBBF:

Event: Great British Beer Festival 2012

Date: 7-11 August 2012

Time: Tuesday

5pm – 10.30pm

(Last admission 10pm)