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12th February 2020

Marston’s World Beer Programme Continues to Grow With New Kirin Contract

Premium Japanese beer brand, Kirin, has renewed its five year brewing and distribution contract with Marston’s. The Wolverhampton based brewer is celebrating the beginning of a new five year deal just months after extending its agreement with US based Shipyard.

Sales of Kirin have grown since Marston’s took over the contract from Charles Wells Brewery following its acquisition in 2017. Kirin is one of Japan’s top selling global beers.

Marston’s has focussed on sales of the premium lager into the growing demands for Japanese and Asian foods both in premium restaurants. Kirin Ichiban has been brewed since 1888 and its 100%  pure malt manifests the authentic tastes of nature crafted to appeal to the palate complementing Japanese cuisine.

Marston’s world beer portfolio which includes European (Estrella Damm; Warsteiner, Erdinger), American (Shipyard, Founders) and Asian (Kirin) beers continues to grow with the the increasing trend for discovering international produce particularly amongst millennial drinkers.

Yoshinori Tsuchiya, Kirin Europe GMBH CEO, said: “Without the excellent collaboration with Marston’s, we would not be able to allow consumers to love our brand in the UK, like they do in other regions of the world. We are excited to continue doing business in the UK with great partners.”

Richard Westwood, Managing Director of Marston’s Beer Company, said: “This extended  partnership with Kirin is a testament to the close relationship we have built over the past three years. We are excited to work collaboratively with the Kirin team in order to build the brand’s UK presence and showcase it as the premium, authentic Japanese beer.”

This continued partnership with Kirin will help continue the growth and diversity of Marston’s World Beers portfolio, which currently includes brands such as, Estrella Damn and Shipyard.


Editor’s Notes


Kirin Brewery Company, is one of largest global brewers and the fith most valuable Japanese beer brand. Kirin Brewery Company foucses upon authentic, premium beer and offers a broad line-up of products, including Kirin Ichiban which is brewed only from the first wort to ensure a smooth, rich flavour from the malt. This flavour makes Kirin Ichiban the perfect accompaniment to Japanese cuisine.

Kirin Ichiban is brewed in six locations outside of Japan on a global scale.

Marston’s Beer Company

Marston’s Beer Company is the brewing arm of Marston’s PLC. Marston’s Beer Company is the UK’s leading brewer of premium cask and bottled ales. It has six breweries across the UK and brews brands such as Hobgoblin, Wainwright and Marston’s Pedigree as well as key local brands.

For more information on Kirin and/or Marston’s, please contact Charlotte Collins at their press office, Vital on 01926 338811 or