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4th October 2018

MASH Craft Beer Fest is back in Barcelona

The event will bring some of the best craft breweries and their beers from the United States and Europe to Spain for the first time.

The second edition of Mash Craft Beer Fest, the most important gathering of brewers in the south of Europe, will be held the 26th and 27th of October in the Nau Bostik in Barcelona.

To celebrate the event, Edge Brewing and Garage Beer Co, two pioneer craft breweries founded in Barcelona, are partnering with Shelton Brothers Inc, one of the most important distributors of the United States.

More than 40 breweries of reference in the international panorama will come together in Nau Bostik, it’s going to be the first time in Spain for many of the breweries, which is a great opportunity for the local public to get to know their projects. The national breweries, more known by the locals, will also be showcasing their best beers showing the promising state at which the beer scene in Spain finds itself today.

With a selection of gastronomic projects from Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and la Coruña the fest aims to give importance to the collaboration between the different fields in a very dynamic gastronomic sector. The live music promises to make this an unforgettable event in an unbeatable location, the renovated Nau Bostik, an old glue factory that has been transformed into a hub of cultural creation and an open air art gallery.

A craft beer festival, with many ales brewed especially for the event, that will fill Nau Bostik with activity over the weekend.

Joel Shelton from the Shelton Brothers: We’re thrilled to join Edge and Garage as co-hosts of the MASH Beer Festival in Barcelona. We have a lot of love for the emerging craft beer scene in Spain and after having such a great time at last year’s event, it was an easy decision to become a part of it”.

Elliott Konig from Edge Brewing: “MASH’s inaugural festival was a huge success and we understood that this year we had to do even better to solidify its position as one of Europe’s premiere beer festivals. This year we were able to add more breweries to the festival’s lineup and are bringing in some of the best rated breweriesand beer from across the U.S., Europe, and Spain”.

James Welsh from Garage Beer Co: “Barcelona is now basically the epicentre of the craft beer scene in Southern Europe, with renowned breweries like opening bars here more than anywhere else and new bars opening almost on a weekly basis. This year’s edition of MASH features 10 breweries that have never attended a festival in this country before including the top 3 in the world”.*

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