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20th May 2019

Massive new range of Craft Beer and Cider coming to NISA stores with the help of Online Beer Distributor EeBriaTrade

From this week, over 1,300 NISA Retail partners will be able to order craft beer and cider from more than 100 of the UK’s most exciting craft producers thanks to EeBriaTrade’s unique distribution model.  

NISA Retail will expand their craft beer offering with access to fresh products from some of the UK’s most respected breweries alongside local producers on the same platform.

Products have been specially picked from EeBriaTrade’s selection of over 4,500 active listings, as well as selection packs from leading breweries, exclusively available on NISA’s Direct to Store ordering platform. The new partnership gives smaller producers an opportunity to be stocked in a nationwide retail chain due to EeBriaTrade’s innovative and ever expanding marketplace.

In March, EeBriaTrade released the first half of it’s annual report on craft beer trends which revealed that over 72% of packaged beer sold in the past 12 months were in can and more traditional styles such as Bitters, Brown and Golden Ales have seen a 13% drop in the same period losing out to modern styles such as hop forward Pale Ales and IPAs.

David Jackson,  CEO, EeBriaTrade, said:

“We are delighted to be working with NISA Retail to help more of our huge range of breweries get their products in front of a wider audience. Our mission is to make fresh craft beer more accessible – be this in bars and restaurants or in shops for people to drink at home. NISA retail partners are getting unrivalled access to great craft drinks, sent straight from the producers.”

Adrian Page, Business Manager,  NISA Retail Ltd, said:

“NISA are always looking for new suppliers to complement and expand our successful Direct to Store offering. With the Craft Beer market continuing to thrive, EeBriaTrade gives retailers easy access to this market with over 300 suppliers all in one place.”


About EeBriaTrade

EeBriaTrade is a totally different type of nationwide craft beer and cider distributor, representing a growing list of over 580 of the best breweries and cider producers from across the UK and abroad.

Unlike other distributors, EeBriaTrade operates entirely online and uses a unique marketplace model powered by their own technology solutions. No warehouse is required as everything sold on EeBriaTrade is listed and priced by the breweries and then shipped directly to the customer from the brewery, using EeBriaTrade’s nationwide distribution network. All the logistics and customer service are handled by EeBriaTrade, so there is one point of contact and a specialised account manager to help each customer choose from the thousands of kegs, cask, cans and bottles available nationwide. 

For more information, including images or comment, please contact:

Chris Terry, Business Development Manager


T: 0208 004 2105