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21st March 2018

Master Brewers magazine

APPERITIVO is an e-commerce platform focused on providing selected Belgian beers. Headquartered in Belgium, it is developed in Coimbra, Portugal. Founded by Belgian David Iachetta, the website was launched December 8 with marketer Fernando Queirós as the person in charge.

Belgian beer and the culture around it is the main focus of the project. David and Fernando are two beer enthusiasts who take advantage of their privileged position in terms of industry insight to share it with the world.

The concept of APPERITIVO is not limited to purchases, it aims to offer to the user an exclusive experience, (see social networks).

Through ‘Master Brewers’, a magazine with a new issue every three weeks, Apperitivo gives to its community and peers, tips about food paring, breweries’ portraits and breweries masters’ interviews. In every edition, the goal is to select a brewery and share with beer lovers its history, business model and, obviously, its track along the years. Thanks to ‘Master Brewers’, Apperitivo’s members and beer lovers can get know more about Belgian beer and its culture.

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