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25th September 2020

Maurizio Maestrelli’s new book is about gin

Italian Guild member Maurizio Maestrelli has just published a new book in collaboration with Samuele Ambrosi, an internationally recognized bartender, winner of the Singapore Eagle Award, and Campari Academy tutor.

The book, Anthologin, explores the history of the juniper spirit from the early experiments at the Medical School of Salerno in Italy through the “Dutch Courage”, the British Gin Craze and the modern world revival. Different styles and productions, famous cocktails as Negroni, how to make the perfect Gin Tonic and a selection of the best 100 gins according to Samuele Ambrosi are also included among the around 250 pages published by Guido Tommasi Editore and embellished by the drawings and graphics realized by Serena Conti, a denim designer winner of 2017 Denim Gallery Award in New York. At the moment only the Italian edition is available, but hopefully an English version will be ready soon.

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