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4th November 2013

Meantime’s Old Brewery goes travelling with its latest Beer and Food matching evening


Travel broadens the palate with Adrian Tierney-Jones — Thursday 7th November 2013



The Old Brewery’s guest speaker will be beer and travel writer Adrian Tierney-Jones, who will share tales of his travels and introduce a stunning array of beers from around the world.



The evening will commence at 6.30pm with a two-part tutored tasting of that evening’s beers. The dinner is hosted by Meantime’s brewmaster Alastair Hook, who will be joined by guest speaker Tierney-Jones who will talk through the wonderful and varied beers showcased on the night.



Hook and Tierney-Jones will also discuss why each dish was chosen to match that particular beer. Whether it is the culture and history of that particular region or country, or complementary tastes and flavours that combine to produce something greater than the sum of its parts.



At the end of the tasting guests either take their seats (or have a drink in our bar) before being treated to a five course feast with beer to match each dish.



Hook and his team along with Tierney-Jones will be on hand all evening to chat about the beer and the food pairings, as well as giving background and insight into what makes each beer unique.



From Munich to Northern France, via Iceland and California, the night will be unique, but with a common theme of exploration, excellence and fun.



A five-course meal designed to match the selected beers and a beer with each course (half pint/330ml bottle) is all included in the £50 per person price for the evening.



For more information please call our team on 0203 327 1280, you can also book online here (