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8th March 2023

Merakai Brewing CO. joins forces with Guild members and Brave Noise to fight for a discrimination and harassment-free industry


Merakai Brewing Co’s Brave Noise – a Modern Mild at 4.5% – will be launched at various taprooms and craft bottle shops nationwide from today: International Women’s Day.

Proceeds from the sale of Brave Noise will go towards creating Wellness Officers, trained individuals who will be present at craft beer events and festivals to help, support and act as a witness for attendees.

On 11 February, Merakai Brewing Co., founded by Emma O’Neill-Parsons and Olly Parsons, hosted members of their community at their craft brewery to brew a Brave Noise Beer.

After brewing their First Brave Noise last year as a call to arms to the wider UK brewing industry, in efforts to create a safer industry and community, Merakai Brewing Co. is committed to supporting and promoting the Brave Noise initiative all year round, with annual beer launches.

Brave Noise is the result of the revelations uncovered by US brewer, Brienne Allen (@ratmagnet), who shared thousands of stories of harassment, abuse and discrimination worldwide within the craft beer industry on Instagram after asking one question: ‘Have you ever experienced sexism in the beer industry?’

At the beginning of 2022 nine UK breweries had taken part, since then an additional nine breweries have brewed a Brave Noise beer, taking the total to 18. Except, there are 2,426 registered Craft Breweries in the UK, so there’s still a long way to go in driving awareness and uptake of the Brave Noise initiative.

Emma O’Neill-Parsons, co-founder Merakai Brewing CO. said: “We stand with those within our community who have experienced harassment. We are going to do everything we can to make workplaces and craft beer venues safe for everyone,” Emma said.

“One of our key objectives with Brave Noise is to make spaces safe for everyone to enjoy craft beer, the Wellness Officer (WO) initiative established by The Coven aims to do that,” she added.

The Coven celebrates women-brewed and owned beer. Their aim is to make beer spaces safe and accessible to all.

Pip, founder, at The Coven, Wellness Officer initiative said: “We are thrilled that Merakai Brewing CO. and members of their community have chosen to support our initiative. We really just want everyone to be safe and have good vibes whilst drinking great beer.”

For more news and information about the Brave Noise release, and where to buy a can follow @merakai_brewing, Emmie (@beerwomxn) and Kimberley (@craftbeerpinup) on Instagram


Press release from Emmie Harrison-West.

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