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25th November 2020

Mondo Brewing Company Collaborate with The Queer Brewing Project for their Work in Progress Beer Series

Mondo Brewing, the progressive South London brewery, has teamed up with The Queer Brewing  Project, founded by Lily Waite, to brew Chosen Family, a seasonal American Brown Ale (5.2%) as part  of their Progress Beer Series. Lily is one of the UK beer scene’s most prominent advocates for queer  and trans representation. The beer is being brewed on Thursday 22nd October and will be released  mid-November with proceeds going towards MindOut, the LGBTQ mental health service.

Lily comments: “This collaboration with Mondo is the first Queer Brewing collaboration in a short  while, and what a collab to come back to! I’m always keen to brew with a seasonal focus, so brewing  a brown ale for the autumn is a dream! This beer is everything I want to be drinking as the nights draw  in—cosy toffee and dried fruit notes overlaid with a delicious, but subtle bitterness—and I’m particular  excited about its impact too.

MindOut is a charity Queer Brewing has supported in the past, and with all of the pressures of the  pandemic, I’m pleased to be supporting their vital work in bettering mental health amongst the  LGBTQ+ community. I was also pleased to see the Work in Progress project launch this summer, as its  mission is one aligned with that of The Queer Brewing Project, and I’m excited to have worked on the  very first beer!”

The Progress series is inclusive for the creatives Mondo works with as well. Mondo has commissioned  Brighton illustrator, Sam Prentice to design the artwork for the project. Sam has focused his work on  queer representation, creating colourful and relatable characters who challenge the modern idea of  what it means to be queer. In the run up to release, limited edition t-shirts will be available on Print  Social, with 100% of profits going to MindOut, and 10% of Print Social’s income from the campaign  too.

Sam says: “Being involved with a project that is really moving the conversation forward and making  the world of brewing a more accessible and welcoming place has been a joy! Creating a design that  celebrates the community of queer culture was so fun, but the best part of being involved is being  able to give back to the community via MindOut.”

Mondo is a member of Work in Progress, a network of breweries in the UK that aspire to a more  inclusive and representative beer industry. They are committed to forging links with communities to

increase opportunities and promote collaboration between brewers and underrepresented groups in  society.

The collaboration with Lily fulfils Mondo’s commitment to their Work in Progress targets, with  donations to relevant causes and provision of opportunities for creatives a major part of the series’  goals.

Mondo Brewing co-founder Todd Matteson says, “We’re hugely excited to team up with Lily Waite for  the first brew in our Progress Series. We’re working to build a business, and help shape an industry,  that’s reflective of the community we serve.”

Chosen Family follows in the footsteps of Mondo’s recent Black is Beautiful Imperial Stout, a global  collaboration with Weathered Souls, proceeds of which were donated to The Black Curriculum.

The American Brown Ale will be available to drink at Mondo tap, in select pubs and bars around  London as well as via Mondo’s web shop, where you can order direct to your door.

Press release from Cru Communications on behalf of Mondo Brewing

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