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22nd January 2013

Monts des Cats Trappist Ale

Beer Direct are pleased to introduce this new Trappist beer to the UK, the only one from a French monastery.

 After more than a century the Trappist Abbey of Mont des Cats in the north of France has resumed a brewing tradition that dates back to 1847.  Brewing was suspended in 1907 when many monks were exiled under anti-clerical laws.  Heavy bombardment during the last German offensive in 1918 destroyed the brewery and it was not rebuilt.

 In the summer of 2011,  however, Mont des Cats became the modern world’s eighth beer-producing Trappist abbey.  Its unique beer, now made available for export, is brewed at the renowned Belgian Trappist Abbey of Scourmont (Chimay) who collaborated in its development.

 A rich amber-coloured beer, well-rounded and balanced on the palate, with a golden sheen derived from the finest pale and dark malts.  Generous hopping provides a balanced bitterness and its floral and citrus aromas meld with that of caramel from the dark malts.  The finish is gently bitter.

Mont des Cats is available from Beer Direct ( 01782 303823), in cases of 24 x 33cl non-returnable bottles at £53.90 ex VAT to trade customers only.                                                          



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