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19th April 2022

Moon Gazer Charity Beer Push

149 Mile Charity Beer Push Raising Awareness of Testicular Cancer

My 149-mile push is complete – after 9 very challenging but fantastic days pushing, dragging and lifting 75kg from the brewery to St Bart’s Hospital in London.

The aim was simple – to make young men aware of testicular cancer. No man need die of this cancer but sadly they do simply because they just don’t know about it.

A quick recap of the adventure can be read here.

It certainly did raise awareness and we were heartened by all of the people who came along to join in part of  the walk, or simply to say thank you since they had lost loved ones needlessly – and knew our walk would stop others from suffering.

Thank you for all who helped spread the word – together we were an amazing #beerpush team. We are keeping donations open for a little while longer and you can donate here.

Join us on Saturday 30 April 3pm Kings Head, Magdalen Street, Norwich, NR3 1JE when Vince from Its on the Ball will announce the final total raised and say thanks for all of your efforts and support – so join us for a pint.

Press release from Moon Gazer Ale