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22nd September 2022

Moonwake are welcoming a French brewery to Scotland for the first time

Azimut Brasserie from Bordeaux are coming to Edinburgh to brew with Moonwake and take over Edinburgh with a series of events

Moonwake Beer Co. visited Azimut in Bordeaux this Summer to brew the first of a pair of collaboration beers. In October, Azimut is on the return leg to release the beer across a series of events, brew a second one as well as experience everything Edinburgh has to offer.

Midnight Bath, a Session NEIPA, was brewed with Vista mono-hops which gave it very light citrus and red fruit aromas. There’s a taste of bubblegum, giving away to a slight bitterness, the beer is clean with light carbonation making it quaffable and thirst-quenching.

Azimut welcomed Moonwake to Bordeaux at the airport before bringing them back to the brewery for a slap up BBQ, a warm welcome with fantastic hospitality. They got up at 6am the next day to double brew the beer to try and beat the 41-degree heat!

Head Brewer, Vinny Rosario, said: “They have nice little systems, a little different to ours, it was great brewing with them. We use the same malt which was funny, we even use similar yeast so even across the channel things are quite similar but then brewing techniques are quite different. It’ll be good to take some of these techniques back to Edinburgh and use them in our own brews.

“Our friends Azimut have a real similar ethos to beer to us, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, they’re not doing it to be crazy. They really are just focused on making really good beer. It’s nice to see our vision is not just our vision.”

The first collaborative beer, Midnight Bath, a Session NEIPA, will be making its debut alongside more beers from both breweries in a series of three events. First up is a beer and cheese pairing at Moonwake Taproom on Thursday 6th October starting at 7pm. Moonwake’s resident Cicerone Certified Beer Server, Sarah, shall be hosting a guided pairing where the Scottish beers will be paired with French cheese and the French beers with Scottish cheese.

Next up, there are two joint tap takeovers across the city. The first is happening at The Bow Bar on West Bow, Edinburgh on Friday 7th October with both breweries attending from 5pm. On Saturday 8th October Teuchters West End on William Street takes the baton, again with both breweries attending from 5pm. Each bar will have an entirely different selection of beers from each brewery so to try them all you’ll have to go to both!

Thursday 6th October, 7pm: Beer & Cheese Pairing at Moonwake Taproom
Friday 7th October, from 5pm: Tap Takeover at The Bow Bar
Saturday 8th October, from 5pm: Tap Takeover at Teuchters West End

Notes to the editor: 

Moonwake Beer Co. is an independent microbrewery, founded in 2021, brewing with precision and mindful intent on The Shore in Leith. Moonwake: “the moon’s reflection on a body of water” speaks to the brewery’s Leith Shore location, the importance of water as an ingredient, and our beer’s reflection of our creativity and experience.

Directors and brewers Vinny Rosario and Finlay Heslop founded Moonwake Beer Co. in 2021. They started their beer careers on opposite sides of the world, Vinny in New Zealand and Fin in the UK. They bring over a decade of experience in brewing to Moonwake, for both of them it is their creative outlet.

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Azimut Brasserie is a brewery based in Bourdeaux which boasts a proud team of passionate artisans all of whom had very different lives before the brewery but they are united by one strong idea: “beer is adventure”.

Press release from Moonwake Beer.

For further information, please contact Sarah Sinclair via or (+44) 0131 553 6995.