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7th July 2022

Moonwake declare Lager Summer as they release two new beers

Their two new limited edition Lagers are Nelson Lager & Vienna Lager

The Nelson Lager is a single-hop, sure-to-be, Summer stonker. Reflecting their heritage and provenance, Nelson Lager is brewed with kiwi hop Nelson Sauvin, Scottish barley and soft Scottish water. Nelson compliments the lager’s crisp, malt notes with a spritz of gooseberry and grape. The beer is a precision pairing of their Leith Shore location and their head brewer’s New Zealand roots.

The Vienna Lager is a collaboration with the Ukrainian brewery Varvar Brew. Each beer will donate its profits to supporting people affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Their malt-forward Vienna Lager has sweet, slightly toasted malt notes and a hint of floral and earthy tones from European hops, all balancing for a smooth crisp lager finish.

Head Brewer Vinny said: “We were always going to make great use of one of the best local resources we have here on the Leith shore, soft water.

“It is the style that has taken me the longest to get to grips with and to be confident in brewing. It is also the style that has given me the most satisfaction. As much as I enjoy brewing new and innovative styles, I keep coming back to lager to hone my skills.

“After decades of macro breweries giving lager a bad name, we are excited to brew with precision and bring back that nuanced quality you would get in the OG lagers you would drink by the Stein in Franconia but with our own modern, creative twist.”

Notes to the editor:

Moonwake: “the moon’s reflection on a body of water” speaks to the brewery’s Leith Shore location, the importance of water as an ingredient, and our beer’s reflection of our collective experience.

Moonwakebeer is precision brewed with mindful intention on modern technology using quality ingredients.

Directors and brewers Vinny Rosario and Finlay Heslop founded Moonwake Beer Co. in 2021. They started their beer careers on opposite sides of the world, Vinny in New Zealand and Fin in the UK. They bring over a decade of experience in brewing to Moonwake, for both of them it is their creative outlet.

Watch the brew day:

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Social media: @moonwakebeer

Nelson Lager: 4.8% ABV  available from 07.07.22 in keg and 440ml cans with RRP £4.40
Vienna Lager: 5.1% ABV  available from 07.07.22 in keg and 440ml cans with RRP £4.25

Press release from Moonwake Beer
Contact: Sarah Sinclair, Marketing & Events Manager