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14th April 2022

Solero Pale, a collab from Moonwake + Hopsteiner

Moonwake’s latest beer showcases Solero from an experimental hop breeding program

Collaborating with Hopsteiner, Moonwake is releasing a juicy single-hop Pale Ale with tropical notes.

Co-founder and Head Brewer, Vinny Rosario said: “Brewed with our friends at Hopsteiner to showcase one of our combined favourite hops, Solero. Developed from their experimental breeding program. This juicy hop from Germany is packed with tropical flavours of mango and passionfruit. Proving the old world can do modern hops just as well as the new.”

Moonwake is excited to be releasing a new beer with a look that continues to elevate its award-winning design concept. Moonwake won The Society of Independent Brewer’s business award for best concept design in March.

Notes to the editor: 

Solero Pale 5.5% RRP 440ml can £4.40 – released to trade (keg and can) and available on the webshop 26.04.22

Moonwake: “the moon’s reflection on a body of water” speaks to the brewery’s Leith Shore location, the importance of water as an ingredient, and our beer’s reflection of our collective experience.

Moonwakebeer is precision brewed with mindful intention on modern technology using quality ingredients.

Directors and brewers Vinny Rosario and Finlay Heslop founded Moonwake Beer Co. in 2021. They started their beer careers on opposite sides of the world, Vinny in New Zealand and Fin in the UK. They bring over a decade of experience in brewing to Moonwake, for both of them it is their creative outlet. /
Social media: @moonwakebeer

Press release from Moonwake Beer