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6th April 2023

Moonwake Solero to launch in over 30 venues nationwide

Moonwake Beer Co.’s best-selling hazy pale is back on Friday 14th April

Solero Pale is a single-hop 5.5% pale that showcases this hop’s tropical flavours. The beer was originally brewed last year in collaboration with hop supplier, Hopsteiner. It has been a successful part of their experimental hop breeding program.

The Moonwake Solero launch shall be taking place in our 30 venues nationwide including a number of their neighbours in Leith and across the rest of Edinburgh.

Sarah Sinclair, Moonwake’s marketing and events manager said: “We are excited to be having a big celebration for our Solero pale, it was a sell-out success last year and we are incredibly proud of it. It is perfect for welcoming warmer climes with its tropical fruit flavours.

“This juicy hop from Germany is packed with tropical flavours of mango and passionfruit. Proving the old world can do modern hops just as well as the new.”

Venues in Scotland:

  • Moonwake Taproom, The Shore – Leith
  • Jeremiah’s Taproom, Elm Row – Edinburgh
  • Teuchter’s Landing, The Shore – Leith
  • Teuchter’s Bar, West End – Edinburgh
  • Down The Hatch, Elm Row – Edinburgh
  • Leith Depot, Leith Walk
  • Cornelius, Leith Walk & Easter Road
  • Leith Bottle Shop, Leith
  • St. Bernard’s Bar, Stockbridge
  • High Spirit Drinks, Edinburgh
  • Beets, Leith
  • Lioness of Leith, Leith
  • Porty Vault, Portobello – Edinburgh
  • Portobello Tap, Portobello – Edinburgh
  • Ryrie’s, Edinburgh
  • Top Cellar, Easter Rd. & Slateford Rd. – Edinburgh
  • Roseleaf, Leith
  • Bullfinch, Leith
  • Vino Wines, Broughton St, Stockbridge & Grange Loan – Edinburgh
  • Inn Deep, Glasgow
  • Thirst Trap, Hamilton
  • Hop Shop, Aberdeen

Venues in England:

  • Prost! Bottle Shop, Wirral
  • The Leopard, Norwich
  • Craft Brewtique, Manchester
  • Little Martha’s, Bristol
  • Big Scary Monsters, Oxford
  • Needle & Pin, Loughborough
  • Local Offy, Dunstable
  • CanDo.Beer, Bingley
  • Tite & Locke, Lancaster
  • Bottle & Co, Barnsley

Moonwake will be releasing a following beer in their modern hop series later this year that is brewed with another experimental hop so keep your eyes peeled for that too.

Notes to the editor: 

Moonwake: “the moon’s reflection on a body of water” speaks to the brewery’s Leith Shore location, the importance of water as an ingredient, and our beers’ reflection of our combined experience.

Established in 2021 by a team with extensive craft beer and brewing careers. We brew with mindful intention on modern kit using quality ingredients.

Our head brewer believes there is a beer out there for everyone and we create balanced beers for a wide range of people to enjoy.

Find out more about our journey on our blog. Find out about our team here.

For further information:

Contact: Sarah Sinclair, Marketing & Events Manager
Phone: (+44) 07446989485