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6th August 2017

Moor Beer Takes on Fuller’s Famous ESB

One of the world’s most celebrated beers, ESB from Fuller’s, has been reinvented for the first time by Moor Beer.


The Bristol-based brewery was invited to collaborate in the inaugural ‘Fuller’s and Friends’ project which sees the highly respected London business work alongside six others to produce a set of new brews.


After looking at the brewing giant’s core range, Moor Beer decided to take on ESB, marking it out as the only one of the six to reimagine an existing Fuller’s product.


Moor Beer’s owner and head brewer, Justin Hawke, said: “ESB jumped out right away, it is a fantastic beer. When I studied the original brewing notes from 1971 – the year I was born – I noted the unusual use of maize and imported hops, something that was rare at that time.


“To be trusted to work on a flagship beer – twice a World Champion Beer – is an honour and a real vote of confidence.”


The result of Moor Beer’s modern interpretation of this much-loved classic is: ‘Rebirth’. It is a full-flavoured, hoppy and unfined beer with a slightly stronger alcohol content than ESB at 6% ABV.


Justin continued: “Rebirth captures the essence of both breweries – Fuller’s, one of the world’s most renowned and traditional breweries and Moor Beer, an independent brewer known for natural and unfined ‘Modern Real Ale’.


“We’ve worked really hard to create a beer that respects the original whilst giving drinkers something new to enjoy.”



For more information, for images and requests for interview, please contact Jade Jackson-Newman or  Peter Hall or call 0117 9066 570.


Notes to Editors:


Moor Beer Company

Moor Beer was born in 2007 when Justin Hawke purchased a defunct brewery based in the Somerset Levels and Moors. With a location now in the centre of Bristol, Moor Beer has become one of the world’s top-rated breweries regularly winning national and international awards.


Having kicked off the unfined beer movement in the UK to produce products that do not compromise on flavour and aroma, Moor Beer is the first brewer to be accredited by CAMRA for cask, keg, bottle and can.


Moor Beer’s inspiration mirrors the journey of its founder. Born in California and enjoying beers with intense hop flavours, Justin joined the US military where time stationed in Germany introduced him to naturally hazy ales. Trips to the UK meant the discovery of secondary fermentation and highly drinkable and well-balanced beers.


The result is what Moor Beer Company prides itself on – Modern Real Ale.


Drink Moor Beer!