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16th August 2022

Moor Shaking it up in Big and Small Ways

Bristol’s pioneering craft brewer Moor Beer Company have three new limited edition specials coming at the end of August.

Everyone has been loving the new beers and the fabulous artwork on the labels, so we’re keeping that positivity rolling this month in small and big ways with another batch of tasty special edition beers heading out into the world.

Moor Beer has always been known for brewing session strength beers with fabulous flavour and depth. Previously our lowest ABV beer has been 3.5%, so we challenged ourselves to a limbo contest to see how low we could go. The result is Little Love Table Pale at 2.5%. It’s smelling and tasting amazing, and the artwork on the label really has us feeling we’re sat outside of a Belgian café enjoying the summer in style. This beer features Azacca hops, which bring fleshy fruit flavours to the fore.

Little Love is available in 440ml Can, 9 Gallon Cask and 30 Litre Keg

Another style right up our path is Mountain IPA. There are a myriad of IPA substyles, so if this one is a little less familiar to you don’t worry – imagine a cross between east and west coast, and you get the picture. Speaking of the picture, we wanted to go back to a time when styles fought for dominance and the mighty T-Rex won the contest, making IPA the apex of the craft beer world. It’s also a massive roar out to all the awesome women inspiring our lives in every way imaginable.

Hear Me Roar is available in 440ml Can, 9 Gallon Cask and 30 Litre Keg

Our final beer releasing this month is a long time in the making – a barley wine aged for 2 years in oak barrels at our Bermondsey Vault. The long maturation has allowed it to really develop, round, and acquire a tannic hit of oak to balance out the weight of the beer. It’s also the first in a series from the Vault that we hand bottled (of course bottle conditioning) to allow it to continue maturing nicely in your cellar for however many years you choose. No one wants a dusty can, but a dusty bottle seems to have a bit of mystery to it, so grab some bottles while you can – some to enjoy now and some to age further.

Extra-Oak Barley Wine is available in 375ml Bottles

Next month we’ll be bringing you some very seasonally focused celebration beers, and the return of a fan favourite.  Keep your eyes on our socials for some teasers coming soon.

All these specials are available from 22nd August, direct from the brewery or via a range of wholesalers. Pre-Orders being taken now.

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Little Love Table Pale Images
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Notes for Editors:

Moor Beer was reborn in 2007 when Californian Justin Hawke purchased the defunct business and created what has become one of the world’s top rated breweries. Named from the Levels and Moors area of Somerset where the brewery originated, Moor Beer moved to central Bristol behind Temple Meads Rail Station in 2014 where we have a Tap Room and shop and host brewery tours.  In 2017 we expanded our reach further by opening a second site on London’s Bermondsey Beer Mile.

We have a simple philosophy at Moor – our beers are always live, always natural and always vegan friendly. Natural fermentation and carbonation with live yeast is at the heart of everything we brew. We firmly believe that live beer has a unique texture, fullness of flavour and softness of mouthfeel that can’t be replicated by faster, cheaper brewing methods. Leaving live yeast and other flavour compounds in beer enhances aroma, flavour, appearance and mouth feel. It also makes the beer vegan friendly. Our belief that adding isinglass finings to beer has a negative impact on quality is why we pioneered the unfined natural vegan beer movement in the UK.

For Moor, beer is about flavour, drinkability and enjoyment, a philosophy we combine with inspiration that has come from living around the world and working with different beer styles and techniques. We take the German, naturally hazy philosophy, combine it with the American flavour-forward approach to brewing and the British secondary refermentation tradition to create beers that are full flavoured, often hoppy, but always incredibly balanced and drinkable.

All our beers are brewed and packaged the same way for a full natural conditioning in all our formats – cask, keg, can and bottle. This means you get the same awesome beer unfined, unfiltered and unpasteurised whether you’re drinking it in the pub or on your journey.  Our beers pair particularly well with good food, good company, good times and good music. Live life, drink live!

Press release from Moor Beer.

For further information please contact 01179 414460 or