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1st April 2020


1st April 2020 – Mr Trotter’s new Pork Scratching air freshener has launched nationwide.

With aromas of hot roasted pork, lemon mayo and a hint of India Pale Ale, the new aromatic ‘must-have‘ was originally intended for the tractor cabs of Britain’s night-time farmers, as a reminder of their missing pub.

But with all 50,000 pubs now closed, Mr Trotter’s Rugeley (Staffordshire) cook-house realised that a whole new market beckoned; and it is now working 24 hours a day to create sufficient pork scratching air fresheners for all those households pining for their beloved pub.

Says Mr Trotter’s spokesperson, Gary Gammon:

“I can really see our pork-infused air fresheners in every shopping basket in the land, bringing the comforting aromas of the pub into every British homestead. What could be better than having these exquisite perfumes percolating every inch of the home?

The same pork fragrance, designed to be sprayed on insomniacs’ pillows, is also nearing a global launch after research from the University of Swinedon showed that the aroma of pigs can flatten out human’s sleep patterns. As Mr Gammon rightly commented: “Who wants to spend hours awake in bed counting sheep when you can dream of herds of lovely pigs, floating mellifluously around the bedroom sky?”

For more information, please contact: Rupert Ponsonby on 020 7384 1333 or Tash Najm