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13th March 2014

Mr Trotter’s Great British Chestnut Ale has been listed in 97 Waitrose stores (RRP £2.15, 50cl bottle).

The 4%abv brew blends Maris Otter barley malts and chestnuts, with English-grown Cascade and Bramling Cross hops. The ale was launched in July of last year in Selfridges and is now available in garden centres, farm shops and delicatessens.
Rupert Ponsonby says:  “The chestnuts give a nutty creaminess to the brew and a honeyed note, which balances the spiciness of the hops. Mr Trotter’s has deep, sweet sourdough flavours, and tastes bolder than its lowly 4%abv.”
‘The Dive’ at the Ape & Bird on Shaftesbury Avenue served hot bowls of Mr Trotter’s Original and Jalapeno Pork Cracklings, his Proper Potato Crisps and the pub’s porky delights, as happy companions to his Chestnut Ale.

Notes to Editors: The Chestnut ale was released by the team behind Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling, food
writers Tom Parker Bowles and Matthew Fort, beer guru Rupert Ponsonby, and pork scratching specialist Graham Jebb
of RayGray Snacks and business operations manager Karyn Walker. Mr Trotter’s is one of the first chestnut beers ever
to be brewed and bottled in the UK.
For more details, and high-res photography please contact Rosie Crossman at R&R Teamwork
t: 020 7384 1333 / e: