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17th August 2017

The Music Beer Beer Beer – can anyone help?

Sergio has contacted the guild looking for information on the song Beer, Beer, Beer. If you think you can help please contact him directly –

Hello, my name is Sergio, and I’m doing a research on the legend of the song ” Beer Beer Beer ” and the character Charlie Mops. I found this text on the wikipedia site.

“It is unknown where the song was created. There are numerous theories about the origin of the British Isles. It is often considered to have been bred in Irish pubs, but another theory poses as being created in the 1800’s in music halls in the British Isles. Another theory states that it is an English popular song transmitted over the years.”

But I need more material and information about music, everything you find.

Does anyone know where the music was sung / played in the old days?

I need to know everything about the history of the song “Beer Beer Beer” because on the internet there is little information. I need more detailed information. Sorry for my English !!

I really need your help, could you share this message with other journalists and writers, please?