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9th January 2024

Nethergate Brewery Embarks on a Bold Journey with AiPA: Uniting Traditional Brewing with AI Innovation

In the quaint heart of Suffolk, something remarkable is brewing at Nethergate Brewery. It’s a story that began with playful curiosity and has culminated in a ground-breaking creation: AiPA (Artificially Intelligent Pale Ale). We’re thrilled to announce that AiPA, with a blend of traditional craft and modern AI wizardry, is not just one of the first AI generated beers in the UK but perhaps is the start of a pioneering venture in the global beer industry.

The Enchanting Tale of AiPA’s Birth

As a small, adventurous team, we’ve been keeping tabs on AI’s evolution and pondering its positive potential in our craft. Like many, we harboured reservations, but instead of shying away, we dove headfirst into exploring how AI could spice up our beer game, delighting our customers, members, and visitors. What started as a bit of fun and discovery around the office, led to conversations about the advancements in AI and, eventually, led to an audacious idea: Could we blend the age-old art of brewing with the cutting-edge capabilities of Artificial Intelligence? This question, initially a playful musing among the team, soon took root in our collective imagination. We were determined to explore this uncharted territory, to see if AI could indeed play a role in crafting a unique beer.

The AI-Brewing Alliance

Enter our Head Brewer, Ian Carson, a man deeply rooted in traditional brewing methods and initially wary of this technological intrusion into his craft. However, Ian’s hesitation turned to intrigue when he witnessed the capabilities of AI first-hand. Routinely urged by our office team to collaborate with Artificial Intelligence on a unique beer recipe, Ian’s interest in the project surged as soon as he spotted his handsome mug transformed into a veritable hunk on the pump clip (courtesy, of course, of an online image generator). This moment marked a turning point for Ian; his scepticism gave way to curiosity, and he agreed to embark on this unconventional brewing journey. Suddenly, he was raising a glass to newfound AI-assisted artistry!

Thus began a series of lively discussions and brainstorming sessions between our brewing team and the AI. We delved into the essence of what makes a beer truly exceptional, exploring various hops and ingredients. While the AI provided fascinating insights and suggestions, it was clear that it lacked the tactile wisdom and intuitive touch of our experienced brewers. This realisation shaped our approach: AiPA would not be the product of AI alone, but a harmonious collaboration, a melding of human expertise and digital intelligence.

Crafting the Recipe

As the recipe took shape, there was a palpable excitement in the air. The team, including Ian, found themselves increasingly engrossed in this unique collaboration. Together, we experimented with various hop combinations and malt profiles, guided by both AI’s data-driven suggestions and our brewers’ seasoned instincts. The result was a recipe that promised a beer both familiar in its craftsmanship and revolutionary in its conception.

Ian Carson, our Head Brewer, explained “As someone deeply rooted in traditional brewing, the thought of bringing AI into the mix felt like uncharted territory. However, this pale ale we’ve created is nothing short of spectacular and a beer that I’m super proud of and very excited about. This project has certainly opened my eyes to the benefits of embracing innovation”

This enchanting origin story of AiPA is a testament to our spirit of innovation and adventure. It’s a journey that started with a simple question and blossomed into a pioneering venture in the world of brewing.

From Concept to Creation

As the recipe for AiPA took shape, AI’s role expanded beyond brewing. It assisted in designing our pump clip, website banners, a social media video, and even contributed to this press release. Every step of AiPA’s journey has been touched by AI, making it a true testament to the synergy of human creativity and artificial intelligence.

A Taste of Innovation: AiPA 3.9% ABV

AiPA is a sessionable pale ale that’s as delightful to the palate as it is to the mind. It radiates a golden hue, with a bouquet of citrus and floral notes, thanks to a blend of Cascade, Amarillo, Centennial, and Citra hops. The malt brings a subtle sweetness and caramel accent, culminating in a crisp, full-flavoured experience. AiPA is not just a beer; it’s a celebration of innovation in every sip.

Where to Find AiPA

This trailblazing beer, a fusion of brewing heritage and AI ingenuity, will debut in our taprooms and select local pubs Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire) from 8th January 2024. For trade customers, AiPA will be available in 9G casks or 4.5G pins for a limited time. We also offer pre-orders for those eager to stock this unique brew. Additionally, AiPA will be accessible for home enjoyment through our fresh beer boxes, available online or in our shops for delivery locally or collection.

About Nethergate Brewery

Since 1986, Nethergate Brewery has been a beacon of passion, innovation, and quality in the brewing world. AiPA is a reflection of our ongoing quest to explore new horizons in brewing, blending our deep respect for traditional methods with the exciting possibilities of AI. Join us in this unique adventure and be among the first to experience the future of brewing.

Contact: James Holberry,

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