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7th April 2019

New book about Sahti

Author Mika Laitinen. Photo: Sami Brodkin

Viking Age Brew: The Craft of Brewing Sahti Farmhouse Ale

Author: Mika Laitinen

Publisher: Chicago Review Press (June 4, 2019)

Viking Age Brew brings beer history alive and takes readers on a lavishly illustrated tour of rustic brewhouses fuelled by wood and passion. Sahti is a Nordic farmhouse ale that is still crafted in accordance with ancient traditions dating back to early medieval times and the Viking Age.

Sahti is often thought of as a freak among beer styles, but this book demonstrates that a thousand years ago such ales were the norm in northern Europe, before the modern-style hopped beer we drink today reached the masses. Viking Age Brew is the first English-language book to describe the tradition, history, and hands-on brewing of this ale.

Whether you are a brewing virgin or an experienced brewer, the book unlocks the doors to brewing sahti and other ancient ales from medieval times and the Viking Age.

Available wherever books are sold and online for example at Chicago Review Press,Indiebound, Amazon, and B&N.


About the Author:

Mika Laitinen writes about traditional ales and brewing from days gone by. His articles on Nordic farmhouse ales have appeared in beer magazines, among them Brew Your Own and Zymurgy , and many of his writings about local Nordic beer culture are featured on his website .Laitinen lives, writes, and brews in Finland, just a stone’s throw from the sahti heartland, where traditional farmhouse ale culture still thrives.

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