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8th June 2022

New brewery survives 2.5 years without using Citra!

In a move that’s set to send shockwaves through the industry Glasgow brewery Simple Things Fermentations has released an IPA featuring Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra hops.

While this particular beer style x hop combination is anything but newsworthy, it is the very first time in STF’s 30-month history that Citra and Simcoe have been deployed, the brewers having up until now favoured less ubiquitous varieties such as Celeia, Barbe Rouge, Solero and Kazbeck.

Commenting on the release, brewery owner Phil Sisson explained “I always thought we’d get to three years without brewing a Citra IPA but, you know, times are tough! And we’re at the stage now where I think we’ve established what we stand for; we’ve done enough to be able to include our take on a modern IPA without it feeling like a betrayal of the original vision.

“This is part of us maturing as a business, realising that – especially right now – we can’t afford to have too narrow a focus and the best way to shine a light on the lesser-known styles, ingredients and processes we love is to prosper financially and be as much a part of the wider scene as we’re able to be without straying far from the original vision. Our Pale Ale, dry hopped Pilsner and more recently German Ale are proving really popular, which brings people to Scottish Light, Belgian Pale, Foreign Extra Stout and the rest. And that’s good in all sorts of ways, not least in that it means we can continue brewing while our costs are going through the roof and challenges such as the Deposit Return Scheme loom on the horizon. If there was ever a time to give the people what they want, rather than choose a hill to die on, this is it.”

The new IPA is number 28 in the Big Ideas Series; STF’s ongoing chain of one-off and experimental releases. It’s juicy, fruity, soft and smooth with a sweet malt foundation and crisp, sharp bitterness. The ABV is 6.8%. It is can/keg conditioned, unfined, unfiltered, vegan friendly and available through the Simple Things web store, independent bottle shops and pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK.


Established in late 2019, Simple Things Fermentations is a small brewery based in Glasgow’s Southside.

The brewery seeks to celebrate variety in beer and brewing, shining a light into some of the lesser explored niches, and uses traditional, low intervention processes while maintaining the highest product quality.

Press release from Simple Things Fermentations

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