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23rd May 2022

New brewery with a social conscience – Spookton Brew Co. – to launch in the North West in early June 2022

The first release of Spookton Brew Co.’s beers will launch in early June 2022 and each beer will make a contribution to a charitable cause.

The first three (and all future) beers will support vital charity work with the goal to be able to set up in a permanent, physical space in the North West to better serve the local community and create a friendly, inclusive space for enthusiasts to relax and enjoy themselves.

Spookton is the creation of Jon Pugh – a homebrewer turned pro – whose goal is to share his enthusiasm for craft beer whilst, at the same time, supporting brilliant organisations.

Each beer that Spookton brews supports a different cause in order to distribute donations and help spotlight a range of concerns. The donations from these first beers have already been made, and are already making a difference.

“It’s important to us that we start the ball rolling ourselves; the charitable donation isn’t reliant on the public buying a beer and taking a punt on a new brewery!” Jon Pugh, Founder at Spookton Brew Co.

Sales of the 3 launch beers – IMPOSTER SYNDROME, GIGGLES and GLOOM – have supported the following charities with a 5 pence donation from every can or pint produced. They are as follows:

● Disasters Emergency Committee – The DEC brings together 15 of the leading aid charities to raise funds quickly and efficiently in times of crisis. They are currently supporting the humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine and Afghanistan.
● Care 4 Calais – A volunteer-run charity working with refugees in the UK, France and Belgium, particularly providing direct aid to those refugees in Calais.
● Magic Breakfasts – provides healthy school breakfasts to children at risk of hunger in disadvantaged areas of the UK.

Spookton’s three launch beers are:

IMPOSTER SYNDROME – 6.5% ABV – Hazy IPA hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Amarillo and Citra hops.

GIGGLES – 4% ABV – Hazy Pale Ale dry hopped with Idaho 7 and Citra hops.

GLOOM – 5% ABV – Oatmeal Stout with beautiful British hops and plenty of oats.

All of Spookton Brew Co.’s beers will be available to the public and trade in 440ml cans and 30L KeyKegs. Beers will be available from our website on pre-order and will ship in early June 2022.

“We’re already looking at possible premises in the North West in which to set up our brewery tap. The space will be relaxed & welcoming and will enable Spookton to continue to produce delicious, modern beers that will benefit those in need.” – Jon Pugh

Notes for the Editor

The name “Spookton” is an in-joke that got out of hand. We firmly believe in the adage that “it takes a village to raise a child”, and Spookton is that village. These sorts of microdonations can make a big difference to those in need. This isn’t a gimmick, or a sales tactic, this is important to us and will always be a fundamental part of Spookton.

The Concept

The concept is for each beer to support a complementary cause: a West Coast IPA that benefits an organisation on the West coast of Wales, for example. We’ve managed to achieve that with “the porridge connection” between Oatmeal Stout and Magic Breakfasts, but world events have affected us and we felt that our contributions should reflect that for our launch range.

Our Production Process

Spookton’s beer is contract brewed by our friends at Allendale Brewery in the North East of England. Spookton hopes to release new beers every month and already have some exciting collaborations and recipes in the works.

Setting Our Donation Amount

We tend to get a very positive reaction when we first describe our 5p policy to new drinkers, although, beyond that, the two most common comments are:

“5p, is that it?” and “Whoa. As much as that?” – Which sort of confirms to us that the figure might well be in the right place!

It took us a while to settle on that amount and the main points we considered were:
1. The amount has to be high enough so that our contributions can make tangible improvements to the recipients. We’re a startup, our sales are as low as they’ll ever be (hopefully!) and so there’s a fine line to walk.

2. We also don’t want to price ourselves too high for less affluent craft beer fans. Those less well off should be able to enjoy nice things, such as our beer, too!


We have a limited supply set aside for samples. If you’re interested in giving us a try drop us a lineand we’ll do our best to meet your requirements. Thank you!

Press release from Spookton Brew Co.

Contact: Jon Pugh, Founder (He/Him)