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7th March 2018

New conference bringing together Europe’s 8500+ brewers

June 7 -8, Brussels

Beer and breweries are proving to be increasingly successful in Europe. Small, local breweries are

emerging in every corner of Europe and are reaching out to a new generation of consumers.

Medium-sized breweries are exporting more of their products and large European breweries are

continuing to invest in the sector and to sell their beer at a global level. The European beer sector

is undeniably in growth mode.

Uniting 29 national associations, Brussels-based ‘The Brewers of Europe’ provides a voice in Brussels

to promote beer and represent the interests of Europe’s 7500+ breweries. Promoting the sustainable

growth of the category is core to its mission. The first Brewers of Europe Forum in 2018 is an

excellent illustration of this.

Pierre-Olivier Bergeron, Secretary General of The Brewers of Europe expounds further: “Europe is the

cradle of modern beer. I am greatly encouraged by the inventive ways European brewers are

contributing to the vitality of the sector. As a result the European brewing landscape is experiencing

something of a renaissance with the opening of more than 1000 breweries in the last five years. It

represents a unique and exciting opportunity to connect with these new breweries and create a real

community of European brewers and suppliers. With the ambition to transfer knowledge, expertise

and experience we created this new ‘BrewersForum’ conference. It is a one-of-a-kind project for


From cultivating your own yeast to the science of food pairing, from targeting millennials to reducing

your environmental footprint, the BrewersForum will offer inspiration for brewers and the brewing

sector as they come together to prepare a bright future for beer.

Europe has always been and still is the most exciting continent for beer with major, traditional beerproducing

nations such as Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic, along with

typical wine dominated countries as France and Italy”, adds Becomev’s Luc Raedemaeker. “All across

Europe, tanks are bubbling away fast and furious and the beer sector is ebullient. There is no doubt

that the European beer scene is vibrant”.

For further information, please contact:

Luc de Raedemaeker, Director BOEF

+32 477474407,

Jan de Grave, Communications Director, The Brewers of Europe

+32 495583070;

About The Brewers of Europe Forum:

“Beer and Beyond” is the central theme of the conference programme featuring about 50 top

speakers from Europe and beyond. The conference programme provides strategic and practical

sessions covering various aspects of the brewing business: brewing & beer quality; marketing &

innovation; beer pubs & food pairing; changing customers and societal needs and the 2018 EBC

Symposium on filtration. The Forum will offer inspiration for all participants in the sector as we come

together to prepare a bright future for beer.

The Brewers of Europe Forum will bring together more than 1000 professionals from Europe’s

diverse family of brewers and their stakeholders. An exhibition floor with +40 companies will

demonstrate the latest innovations in the industry and include tastings from beers around Europe.

Networking on the exhibition floor or at one of the networking events will allow you to meet new

and existing business partners.

The Brewers of Europe Forum is organised by The Brewers of Europe.