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7th May 2019

New Food & Drink Dedicated Magazine “Pellicle”

l-r: Matthew Curtis, Jonny Hamilton

Pellicle, a brand new magazine dedicated to covering food and drink, celebrated the launch of its website on Wednesday May 1st.

The publication is the creation of brewer and wine enthusiast Jonny Hamilton and award-winning beer writer and photographer Matthew Curtis. Pellicle aims to explore the cultures of beer, wine, cider, food, travel and more, with a focus on highlighting the joyous, human elements of these interwoven cultures.

Its launch featured articles from British Guild of Beer Writers commended writers Claire Bullen and Katie Taylor, along with two features from Curtis himself. The publication will launch an accompanying podcast this summer, with plans already in place to launch the first issue of a quarterly print magazine later this year.

“After six months of planning and hard work we’re incredibly excited to finally launch Pellicle into the world,” Curtis says. “We’ve got big ideas, but right now our focus is dedicated towards ensuring the website is consistently publishing some engaging content from talented writers, photographers and illustrators, who we’re incredibly excited to work with.”

The name “Pellicle” refers to the membrane formed by bacteria during the fermentation of certain beers, wines and ciders, with the publications logo—designed by illustrator Tida Bradshaw—giving a nod to yeast and fermentation.

“I like the idea something that’s essentially disgusting forms during the creation of something beautiful,” Hamilton—who also works as the manager of Beavertown Brewery’s Tempus wild beer and barrel-ageing program—comments. “Not that I’d call anything we’re doing disgusting, but we draw a great deal of inspiration from the beverages fermented in this fashion.”

Curtis and Hamilton hope that by extending their reach beyond beer and into wine and cider that they are able to help each of these similar, yet very different cultures understand each other. Good food being a common thread that unites all three.

The website can be found at . Users are also able to support Pellicle via the Patreon subscription service, in return for a growing number of perks based on the size of their monthly contribution. To support Pellicle visit

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