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3rd July 2023

New Honey Pilsner from Hive Mind

Hive Mind Mead & Brew Co has launched a new Pilsner style beer finished with British honey.

The new 4.5% ABV beer, called Nectar, has been brewed with authentic Pilsner malt and hopped with a traditional combination of Saaz and Hallertau Blanc. Against the background of a clean, classic Pilsner flavour profile it is described as having notes of gooseberry and wild flowers, with a hint of honey.

Nectar is launching in a 440ml can – the first of Hive Mind’s beers to be canned for retail – following on from their recent launch of a range of session-strength sparkling mead in cans. The honey Pilsner will be available UK-wide through a number of specialist drinks and artisan food distributors and direct to consumers via the Hive Mind website.

Kit Newell, co-founder of Hive Mind Mead & Brew Co said:

“The starting point for our honey beers is always a classically brewed authentic style so Pilsner was the perfect choice when we wanted to add a lighter lager-style to our summer range. As well as a subtle sweetness which complements the malt, the honey adds wildflower notes which work really well with Pilsner hops.

“After the successful launch of our sparkling mead range in cans last month, this is the start of a wider rollout of our honey beer range in cans, expanding the choice that we’re offering to retailers and customers,” he said.

All of the company’s beers and meads are made with natural ingredients and use 100% British honey, including from its own hives in the Wye Valley, where its beekeeping supports habitat conservation and important pollinator populations.

Other Hive Mind products include Sparkling Mead (4%, 33oml can), wine-style Traditional Mead (14.5%, 700ml) and Oak Whiskey Barrel-Aged Traditional Mead (20%, 500ml) and honey beers including a smoked honey porter (750ml 7.0%), citra IPA (330ml 5.7%) and golden ale (330ml 4.5%).


Images can be downloaded here.

Contact: Matt Appleby