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21st May 2013

New ‘Made of London’ advertising campaign for Fuller’s London Pride

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Fuller’s flagship ale and the UK’s number one premium ale, London Pride, will be the subject of a major new £3m advertising campaign this summer, which will remind consumers of its rich history and heritage and how it is intrinsically linked with that of the nation’s Capi

 Made of London, which will start to appear in press and digital platforms later this month, will feature the brand alongside a number of short stories which highlight the world-famous ale’s true London provenance.


 The first in the series, introducing the story of how the beer came to be called London Pride, features the new London Pride bottle acting as a vase for the eponymous flower which, in wartime London, became a symbol of London’s determination, hope and pride.


 Ian Bray, Managing Director of The Fuller’s Beer Company, said: “London Pride is a truly wonderful beer and an icon of the ale world. The surprising thing is how little most people know about the story behind the beer.



“So we developed the Made of London campaign with our new agency, The Corner, to unearth and explain some of the fantastic stories that have made London Pride the legend it is today.




“Some of the tales this beer has to tell are incredible and others, once you sit back for a while, make perfect sense. Like the flower, for instance, which was a symbol of London’s spirit during the blitz.”




The campaign breaks with press adverts from May 21, a digital campaign from May 27 and posters appearing across the Greater London area on billboards, bus stops and cross-track Underground sites from early June.







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Adam Driver