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28th January 2015

New Man at the Top

GMGerald Michaluk of the Arran Brewery has been elected Chairman of the Scottish Branch of the Society of Independent Brewers. (SIBA).  Gerald takes over from Tuggy Depal of Fyne Ales.


Gerald paid tribute to the work that Tuggy has done for SIBA over the years and hoped her retirement would not end her involvement with the Society.  Also elected  to the Board to represent Scotland was Rob Jenner of Loch Ness Brewery who joins Stuart Cail of Harviestoun Brewery Ltd as Scotland’s third trustee.


SIBA represents over 800 breweries in the UK and is the Scottish Branch represents over 40 breweries in Scotland.  For a brewery to be a member of SIBA it must hold a brewing license and brew its own beer while subscribing to the members charter.


Three Messages

  •                                  Core member benefits supported by growing the market.
  •                                  Better business supported by political lobbying.
  •                                  Delivering opportunities to the members in a variety of formats

“Building the future of British Beer”


  •                                  To campaign on members behalf in order to improve the environment surrounding the sale of beer ensuring beer is recognised as the safest and most responsibly consumed form of alcohol.
  •                                  To provide support in order to ensure quality improves and consumers recognise beer as the discerning drink of choice.
  •                                  To provide and enhance commercial opportunities for members thus growing the market.
  •                                  To create a network which allows members to meet and share information.
  •                                  To become the voice of British beer.


  •                                  Shared responsibility.
  •                                  Honesty.
  •                                  Accountability.
  •                                  Sustainability
  •                                  Integrity.
  •                                  Fairness.
  •                                  Community.


  •                                  Transparency: clear understanding, freely available information
  •                                  Representation: reflect views and opinions of the membership
  •                                  Accountability:  be responsible for reporting on actions and decisions
  •                                  Democracy: one member, one vote; a free market aspiration
  •                                  Efficacy: the ability to act without being encumbered by internal bureaucracy or politics


…The Society of Independent Brewers.
Formed in 1980 as the Small Independent Brewers’ Association, to represent the interests of the emerging new wave of microbrewers.

With growing credibility and campaigning success, SIBA has come to represent the broad spectrum of the independent brewing sector. Renamed in 1995, SIBA is now one of the most authoritative and respected bodies in the brewing industry.