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26th November 2013

New price comparison website tracks down £1.8 million consumer savings* in the world of drinks

The UK’s first free online resource has launched to offer consumers handy comparisons and potential big savings on
the prices of alcoholic drinks in virtually every category. currently lets you search over
1,900 branded wines, beers, ciders, spirits and liqueurs, with some 6,000 comparables. It features a panel of primary
online partners, including Asda, Morrisons Cellar, Majestic, Tesco Wine, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, through to and The innovative resource has completed its successful test
phase and is fully operational. Prices are updated daily and, once consumers have made their choice, BringABottle
then directs them to the retailer’s website to complete their purchase.
BringABottle is set to be the destination site for any shopper with an eye for a bargain or simply browsing for
inspiration. Wine buffs, spirits connoisseurs and brand loyal shoppers, who know exactly what they are shopping
for, will also find it invaluable, and can be sure not to miss out on flash price offers which may run for as short as a
couple of days. The monitored list currently features: wines 46 percent, spirits, liqueurs & specialities 34 percent,
beers & ciders 20 percent.
New lines are being added daily to the list of monitored products. Champagne, whisky and gin are currently the
most searched categories. A leader board highlights the day’s top savings, and a price alert can be set for the future
if the price of your required tracked product drops below the price of the day. Co-operation from retailers and
BringABottle’s own advanced technology reveal that recent comparisons have shown typical savings from 25
percent off, through to half price – being the difference between the lowest and highest prices. Highest and lowest
prices over recent months are clearly shown on a graph. Based on an average user’s basket of over £60, savings are
assured, even with any delivery cost taken into account. Buyers of larger quantities – for events, parties and
weddings – can reap substantial savings.
The BringABottle blog provides insights and inspiration from the professional world of drinks, snippets of drinks
news from the nation’s news, and tasting notes. Buying for the seasons, for top-branded gifts at Christmas, Burns
Night, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day will provide themes with which to inspire choice. Simply
type your choice of beverage or brand name into the powerful search engine, and stockists are then listed. You can
click straight to that store’s website to buy.
Hugo Fairey, co-founder of BringABottle, adds “The world of branded drinks is a natural market for a price
comparison resource. BringABottle aims to be a champion of consumer choice based on price. Whilst some may be
cynical about flash price deals, what we show are on-the-day comparisons of two or more products, which give you
more confidence to snap up a deal. Our back-office technology is constantly being refined and brings a simple, fast
and user-friendly experience. It welcomes browsers as well as active shoppers. As the site develops, it will feature
more products, more retail partners, and consequently more top choice savings. Our search engine optimization
(SEO) aims to make BringABottle a top destination for web users searching for the best savings on drinks.
Currently, it is champagne, whisky and gin topping the search lists.”
* The potential of shows that even in this launch phase, it identifies £5,000 savings every day, amounting to some
£1.8 million per year. This is based on the average price difference between the lowest and highest selling price for each product