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7th February 2023

New Release: Orbit Beers x Utopian Brewing Collaboration – Baltic Porter 7.4%

  • South London brewery Orbit Beers have collaborated for the second time with Devon-based Utopian Brewing to brew a Baltic Porter (7.4%abv.)
  • Both independent, award-winning breweries share a passion for European beer styles and produced their first beer together in 2022 – the Olicana Altbier.
  • The Baltic Porter is due for release on 6th February 2023.

London, February 2023: Utopian Brewing and Orbit Beers share a love of European-style beers, and following on from their Olicana Altbier collaboration in 2022, they’ve teamed up again in 2023 to celebrate the Baltic Porter style. The release date is Wednesday 8th February.

This comes as part of Orbit Beers’ White Label Series which are released monthly and explore the more experimental side of their brewing alongside their core range.

Produced in small amounts, white-label records are distributed by labels to DJs and radio stations to promote new artists and test the listeners’ reactions to their tracks. Orbit Beers’ White Label Series is an ever-growing collection of one-off releases that explore the innovative and experimental side of their brewing. From Hefeweizens and Lentebocks, to Tzatziki Sours, and Barley Wines.

The Baltic Porter

Head Brewers Paul Spraget (Orbit Beers) and Jeremy Swainson (Utopian Brewing) were inspired to make a porter with a complex malt profile and clean finish to showcase this particular style.

The majority of malts used for this beer are British-grown alongside Bullion UK hops and Utopian’s house lager yeast.

At 7.4%, this deep chestnut-coloured Porter has a complex malt profile with aromas of caramel, chocolate, toasted hazelnuts, and dried cherries. Expect a smooth, malty sweetness, hints of liquorice and rich, dried fruits with lively carbonation, a boozy warmth, and a dry finish.

Appearance: Deep chestnut-mahogany brown, good clarity, foamy and dense off-white tan head.
Aroma: Complex malt, caramel, chocolate, molasses, toasted hazelnut, dried cherries.
Taste: Malty sweetness, rich toffee, Dried cherries, and a hint of liquorice. Low hop bitterness, clean lager yeast, a boozy warmth, and a dry finish.
ABV: 7.4%
Malts Lager Malt, Dark Munich Malt, Caramel Munich II, Crystal DRC Malt, Chocolate Malt, Carafa Special Type III.
Hops: Bullion UK          
Availability: 33CL glass bottles, 30L kegs, 30L key kegs.
Food Pairings: Dark chocolate cake, steak, beef stew,

Where to buy

Orbit Beers webshop: Case of 12 – £38.00 case of 24 – £75.00

Selected independent bottle shops.

Hold tight for Orbit x Utopian next joint release… The barrel-aged Baltic Porter. Coming in 2024.



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Notes to Editors

About Orbit Beers:

Orbit Brewery and Taproom: 225 & 228 Fielding St, London SE17 3HD Closest Stations: Elephant and Castle, Kennington, Oval.

Established in South London in 2014, Orbit Beers are deeply rooted in European brewing traditions with a modern approach. They take classic styles and make them their own, with an eye for finesse and drinkability.

They love the incredible balance of German beers and the complexity of flavours that Belgian yeasts produce. They love hops, the spicy elegance of classic European ones, the zesty aromas of New Zealand varieties, and the fruity extremes of their American counterparts.

Orbit’s work is inspired by the ethos of their favourite record labels, who hold music and art above all else. Likewise, Orbit Beers accept no compromises when it comes to making their beer.

History of Orbit

In 2012, Orbit Beers Founder, Robert (or ‘Orbit’ as he is otherwise known), set off on a journey in his campervan (named Brian). His mission was clear: to discover beer in the land of whisky!

This expedition took him (and Brian) to every single brewery in his native Scotland, from the northernmost island in Shetland to the Outer Hebrides, the Scottish Borders and even his hometown of Dundee. The result was an overwhelming appreciation for traditional, European beer styles, balanced & complex flavours, and simple ingredients. That, and a burning desire to return to London and create Orbit Beers.

Back in the days when Robert was nicknamed Orbit, one of his earliest memories is his sister’s collection of vinyl records. In particular, the distinctive designs of the spindle adaptors, stacked above the turntable, ready to play.

Robert’s lifelong love of vinyl and independent labels has always been at the heart of Orbit Beers, with the spindle adaptor forming the Orbit Beers logo and quality music influencing their brews. From the ‘White Label Series’ of experimental beers to the core range named with musical influence; Nico (of the Velvet Underground), Ivo (Ivo Watts-Russel, Founder of 4ad records), Peel (John Peel), and Dead Wax (Run-out wax on vinyl records).

Having moved into our double railway arch in Walworth, South London in 2014, all their beers have been brewed and packaged on-site, which has now expanded into the arches next door to include the brewery taproom.

About Utopian Brewing:

Utopian Brewing’s mission is simple: to celebrate incredible British lager.

From their independent brewery in picturesque Devon, they brew in a traditional way but with their own interpretations of classic styles, using British-grown ingredients.

Press release from Orbit Beers.

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