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12th May 2022

New Solidarity Beer from Arran Brewery

The Arran Brewery has launched a beer called Solidarity, a 2.7% ABV session dark beer with all the profits going to the BRITISH RED CROSS. In the first few weeks Arran has raised £313.15. Which will this week be donated in entirety the British Red Cross’s Ukrainian appeal.

Managing Director Gerald Michaluk said: “It is important we support the people of Ukraine. It’s almost unbelievable that a western facing modern country can be reduced to a war zone in days. While we must all unite against aggressors and condemn Putin’s war, it is still the reality that words don’t count for much but actions do.

It is heart breaking to see such a historic country torn apart by war and we can only hope these funds go a little way to helping those in so much need. All the profits that we make from the sale of the beer will go to help and we are encouraging retailers to donate the profits they make from the sale of the beer likewise to the British Red Cross Appeal. We have produced a first batch of over 2000 bottles, and if these sell we will brew more and more and more, with the profits always going to the Red Cross.

When this war ends, as all wars eventually do, it is my earnest wish to the see the Ukrainian Craft breweries return once more to making beer rather than weapons and we hope to help them do that in any way we can.

Beer is brewed all over the world and enjoyed by almost every nation, whether with or without alcohol. It is a symbol of what can unite us, Russian or Ukrainian, lets hope before long they can once more enjoy a beer together’’.

Press release from Arran Brewery