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20th December 2022

New York’s Paradox Brewery Launches Beers for First Time in UK

New York’s Paradox Brewery has launched two beers in an exclusive three-week promotion at selected retail stores nationwide, both beers being made available for the first time in the UK.

From the 14th December 2022, two lagers from New York’s Paradox Brewery will be exclusively available for three weeks in selected national retail stores across England, Scotland and Wales.

Paradox Brewery is an independent craft brewery located in the Adirondack Mountains—specifically North Hudson, New York (five hours north of NYC, two hours south of Canada). Their roots trace 40 years back to when president and founder, Paul Mrocka, fell in love with beer and brewing while stationed as an army pilot in Germany.

Many of their beers have German influence, including two of the beers now available to UK drinkers. The foundation of their beer is within the water they use, which can only be found in the granite 600 feet below the Adirondack Park. Water that is so pure, it needs no filtering or treatment.

Combined with the best malts and hops available, these ingredients with their passion for great beer and the result is ‘Pure Adirondack’.

With the help of UK distributor Heathwick, Paradox Brewery are bringing two exciting beers to the UK market for the first time. Both will be available in selected retail stores throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

The beers are: ParaHelles, German Helles Lager (4.5%) and Sonder Bräu, Dortmunder Style Lager (5.99%)

ParaHelles is a balanced, German-style Helles. It’s light, refreshing and leads with a bready character that only gets easier to drink as you go.

Sonder Bräu is Inspired by a Dortmunder Export, its soft bready flavour, and rich mouthfeel screams simplicity, but its higher alcohol content intended for a long sea voyage betrays its vivid roots.

Devon Hamilton, Director of Operations at Paradox Brewery, says:

“We are excited to start our export program off by solidifying great partnerships with Heathwick. Being an export brand can make market introductions and reaching customers difficult, but thanks to Heathwick for making a big bet on Paradox Brewery and American craft beer, we have a springboard to expand our distribution opportunities in the UK.”

Both beers are exclusively available across the UK from the 14th December 2022 for three weeks.


Press enquiries to be made to:

Meghan Eagan, Marketing Manager at Paradox Brewery

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About Paradox Brewery

Paradox Brewery is a Certified Veteran Owned, independent craft brewery founded in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains brewing innovative beer of the highest quality. This 25,000 square foot brewery can produce 50,000 barrels a year using state of the art GEA Craft-Star systems along with a Westfalia centrifuge and a CFT Mfg canning line.

Paradox was voted Best of the Adirondacks ‘21.

Press release from Paradox Brewery.

For further enquiries, please contact Meghan Eagan, Marketing Manager at Paradox Brewery via