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16th December 2022

NHS Digital Health Survey comment – alcohol regulator

Matt Lambert, CEO of the Portman Group – the alcohol social responsibility body and marketing regulator said: “We welcome today’s NHS Digital statistics which suggest that harmful alcohol consumption in England continues to decline, following over a decade of falls in alcohol-related harm.

“A moderate majority – 4 in 5 – of English adults either do not drink or drink below the Chief Medical Officer low risk guidelines and it is significant that average weekly alcohol intake is now at a record low.

“This is coupled with a significant decline in binge drinking and in part due to successful ongoing partnerships between industry and other stakeholders who ensure that alcohol is marketed, sold and consumed responsibly.

“Whilst this suggests the trends are going in the right direction, including a small fall for those drinking at higher levels, it is crucial that the Governments across the UK support targeted measures for the minority who continue to drink at dangerous rates.”

Notes to Eds

  • 78% of adults either do not drink or drink below the Chief Medical Officer low risk guidelines, up from 77% since the last survey in 2019.
  • Record low of weekly alcohol intake is now 11.6 units per week – down from 12.2 units in 2019 and 13.4 units in 2011.
  • Binge drinking is more than 6/8 units on a drinking day). This has now fallen to 12% in 2021 from 15% of all adults in 2019 (and compared to 17% in 2011).

Press release from MHP Group.

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