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25th March 2022

NI Concession May Ease Hospitality Recruitment Challenge, says Bizimply

Chancellor’s Spring Statement

Response from Bizimply

Conor Shaw, CEO of workforce management specialist Bizimply, said: “While the increase in the National Insurance threshold from July won’t resolve the recruitment crisis facing hospitality, it has the potential to ease the challenge facing operators trying to cover shifts.

“Many of the businesses we work with rely on part-time staff, including team members who combine work with their studies, or who have childcare or other commitments. For these employees, the potential to take home a little more from every shift they work may be enough of an incentive for them to sign up for the additional hours that every operator is crying out for!

“Operators trying to run their businesses with 10% vacancy rates need their existing staff to be 10% more efficient, and every employee willing to work an extra shift helps to relieve the immediate challenge for employers.

“Businesses that have robust workforce management systems in place will be able to input the new NI rates and process any changes in employees’ shift patterns quickly, and so will be best placed to benefit from the Chancellor’s concession.”

Bizimply’s software helps businesses reduce the amount of time spent creating staff rotas and sorting out payroll. It means that GMs and supervisors can spend more time front of house, where they can have the most positive impact, making operational decisions, managing team members and interacting with customers.

Press release from Bizimply