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29th March 2023

OCI Global delivers first UK shipment of low-carbon nitrogen fertiliser to Simpsons Malt Limited

OCI Global has delivered the first UK shipment of its low-carbon fertiliser to Simpsons Malt Limited as part of an exciting new project to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of malting barley and distilling wheat.

The shipment of the company’s NUTRAMON Low Carbon fertiliser – a low-carbon nitrogen granular product – was delivered to the Port of Berwick in Northumberland on March 14.

OCI Global’s VP Commercial Nitrogen, Aviv Bar Tal, says the partnership will involve NUTRAMON Low Carbon being applied on malting barley and distilling wheat at Simpsons Malt’s farm in Northumberland and on other trial sites this year with a focus on decarbonising the supply chain. Ultimately lowering the carbon footprint of Scotch Whisky.

“We know that we need to address the greenhouse gas emissions of fertilisers because, to feed our growing population, continuing to use fertilisers is non-negotiable,” adds Mr Bar Tal.

“That’s why, through projects like this one, we aim to create partnerships with companies in the food and drink supply chain to deliver affordable, but also sustainable, products for the long-term.”

Explaining how NUTRAMON Low Carbon has been produced, Mr Bar Tal says the fertiliser has a low-carbon status because it has been made using biomethane feedstock, rather than a natural gas. This reduces its carbon footprint by 50%, when compared to a conventionally produced nitrogen fertiliser.

NUTRAMON Low Carbon is also ISCC PLUS certified, a recognised independent certification standard for bio, bio-circular and renewable feedstocks across the world.

Simpsons Malt Limited fertiliser director, David Barrett, says NUTRAMON Low Carbon will be sold commercially to growers by the company’s agricultural merchanting division, McCreath Simpson & Prentice, from autumn 2023 following the initial trials this season.

The aim is for the low-carbon fertiliser to be applied to malting barley and distilling wheat, which is destined for Simpsons Malt’s brewing and distilling customers.

Mr Barrett adds: “As a Certified B Corporation and in our unique industry position as both a malting and merchanting business, we are mindful of the impact our operations have on the environment and acknowledge that fertiliser application is a significant percentage of the malt supply chain’s overall carbon footprint.

“As a result, we endeavor to ensure the fertilisers we purchase are sustainably produced and so we’re delighted to be partnering with OCI Global on the supply of low-carbon NUTRAMON.”


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First UK shipment of OCI’s NUTRAMON Low Carbon being discharged at the Port of Berwick for Simpsons Malt

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Media contact:

OCI Global: Hannah Lloyd,

Simpsons Malt: Dominic Bonner,

About OCI Global

We are a global leader in nitrogen, methanol and hydrogen, driving forward the decarbonisation of the energy-intensive industries that shape, feed and fuel the world.

OCI’s production capacity spans four continents and comprises approximately 16.2 million metric tonnes per year of hydrogen-based products including nitrogen fertilisers, methanol, biofuels, diesel exhaust fluid, melamine, and other products.

OCI has more than 4,000 employees, is headquartered in the Netherlands and listed on Euronext in Amsterdam.

Learn more about OCI at You can also follow OCI on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Simpsons Malt Limited

Founded in 1862, Simpsons Malt Limited is an independent, fifth-generation, family-owned business and Certified B Corporation comprising a malting division (Simpsons Malt) and an agricultural merchanting division (McCreath Simpson & Prentice).

Simpsons Malt is one of the largest independent, family-owned malting companies in the world with the capacity to produce around 250,000 tonnes of malt per year at its two malting sites. The company’s passion is a focus on making malts with taste, flavour and consistently high quality with the world’s best brewers and distillers in mind, helping them to craft the finest beers and whiskies.

McCreath Simpson & Prentice (MSP) is one of the UK’s leading agricultural merchants. Founded in 1980, MSP supplies farmers from the Highlands of Scotland to North Yorkshire with a range of farm inputs, including cereal seed, livestock feed, grass and small seeds, agrochemicals and fertiliser. MSP also has a growing team of BASIS and FACTS qualified farm traders who provide an unrivalled quality of service, advice and support to farmers. The division also has an in-house grain traders, who work alongside both farmers and end user customers in the brewing and distilling industries to procure the company’s required malting tonnage each year.

For more information on Simpsons Malt: Website Twitter

For more information on McCreath Simpson & Prentice: Website Twitter

Press release from Simpsons Malt.

Media contact:

OCI Global: Hannah Lloyd,

Simpsons Malt: Dominic Bonner,