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5th February 2018

Original Gravity #16 now out

The latest edition of Original Gravity, the free craft beer magazine put together by Guild members Adrian Tierney-Jones (editor), Pete Brown (editor at large) and Daniel Neilson (publisher and general), is now out.

Founded in 2015, the current edition has an original cover from top-notch comic book artist Chris Weston (2000AD for starters, but he’s also worked on the costume designs for the recent Star Wars movie, so he’s pretty good), plus powerful articles from Guild members Jessica Mason and Katrien Bruyland (and rather good stuff from the resident hacks as well).

Besides being distributed free to selected venues in London, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Scunthorpe, Sheffield, Leeds and wherever the team can get copies to, there is also a subscription service where a year’s worth of Original Gravity can be had for £20 (it’s worth it, we promise, your life will brighten when that copy falls through the door and you can get details at

Or as @BeerFrontiers said: ‘You should always be reading @OGBeerMag. But make sure you pick up Issue 16, as @drinksmaven‘s ‘A pub table and a beer’ article is beyond superb.’