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6th May 2022

Pellicle Magazine Celebrates 3rd Birthday with Rate Increase

Pellicle — the independent drinks magazine founded by writer Matthew Curtis and brewer Jonathan Hamilton — celebrated the 3rd anniversary of its launch on May 1st, 2022. Since its inception the publication has published over 250 features and podcast episodes, and has worked with over 100 contributors, including British Guild of Beer Writers members such as Pete Brown, Adrian Tierney-Jones, Claire Bullen, Will Hawkes and its present chair, Emma Inch.

Most significantly, all of these contributors were paid for their work. Thanks to a predominantly reader-funded model using the Patreon subscription service, Pellicle is able to generate enough income to support its contributors with a fair rate of pay. However, it’s also aware of how challenging circumstances are for freelance writers, photographers, and illustrators at present, and as such it is pleased to announce an increase in its rates, which will be implemented for all commissions from May 1st, 2022 onwards.

The new rates, plus pitching and style guides, can be found here:

Pellicle would like to welcome pitches from Guild members. At present it is particularly interested in commissioning more timely, investigative stories relating to challenges in the brewing and hospitality industries writers believe would be interesting to the publications predominantly consumer-based audience. More details can be found within the pitching guide. Pitches can be addressed to

We’d also like to encourage both individual and corporate guild members to support Pellicle, via Patreon, with a monthly or yearly donation if they’re able. It’s our belief that beer writing is better with a strong variety of independent publications serving it, and our readers agree, with a record breaking 15,000 individuals visiting the site to read at least one article in April 2022.

We’d love to ensure our income and resources remain strong so we can keep doing best by both our readers and our contributors. Support Pellicle by visiting

Press release from Pellicle