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23rd August 2013




The Vauxhall Holiday Park Bar Team have all undergone ‘Pint Perfection’ training


The Vauxhall Holiday Park Bar Team have just undergone ‘Pint Perfection’ training – so holiday makers at the five star park in Great Yarmouth will be rewarded with a perfect pint every time!

HEINEKEN, the UK’s leading cider and beer business, is delivering its new ‘Pint Perfection training programme to bar staff across the UK and the Vauxhall Holiday Park bar team was one of the first to be nominated by HEINEKEN for the training.

The course focuses on the perfect pouring techniques, glassware, storage and overall customer experience.

Ben Ludbrook, Food and Beverage Manager at Vauxhall Holiday Park comments: “Our bar team obviously know how to pour a pint, though there is more to it than simply tilting the glass!

“The course focusses on the science behind the perfect pour, and I’m delighted the whole team passed with flying colours so we can consistently offer a perfect pint to our holiday makers this summer. We also have over 30,000 people attending our music events throughout the year and they tend to be people in the party mood who enjoy the odd beer!”

Ben goes on to explain “The head on beer is very important as it stops the bubbles that contain carbon dioxide escaping, which, when it does happen, can spoil the taste of the beer and give the appearance of a flat pint. A properly-poured head will remain throughout the whole pint ensuring great taste every time you have a sip. The team were all interested to learn the science behind the perfect pour and, as they all passed ,they will now deliver a perfect pint every time!”

“The difference of a correctly poured pint really is quite noticeable – and I’m delighted to say that Vauxhall is now the place to enjoy a perfect pint every time.”


Vauxhall Holiday Park located just outside Great Yarmouth has been providing UK family holidays and short breaks for nearly fifty years. The five star park also offers a range of music weekender events.



Picture 1: The Vauxhall Holiday Park Bar Team are celebrating passing ‘Pint Perfection’ training


For more information please contact:-

Amy Woodyatt

Vauxhall Holiday Park

01493 857231, PR102/0813