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6th October 2022

Powderkeg adopt Forest Film labels

As part of sustainability drive.

From this month Powderkeg’s cans will sport new bio-plastic labels.

Bio-plastics are made in various ways from renewal biomass sources.

As part of their drive to become a more sustainable business, Powderkeg have switched all of their can labels to Forest Film, a bio-plastic developed in Northern Europe. Made from cellulose from trees, it’s a by-product of the paper industry. As well as being made from renewable resources, its production uses much less energy and water than standard polypropylene can labels.

Using paper on chilled canned products is not feasible due to condensation, which causes labels to wrinkle and tear, so before Forest Film appeared as an option there was no choice but to use fossil fuel based plastic when labelling drinks.

Co-owner Jess Magill says, “We’re delighted to have made the switch to Forest Film. The print quality is great, so there’s no compromise on performance. It is more expensive, but I think as a responsible business you have to make decisions based on more factors than just profit. Hopefully as these fossil fuel plastic alternatives get more popular, the price will come down.”

“Sustainability is a journey and this is another step in the right direction. We have minimised our plastic use, use recyclable and biodegradable packaging for our mail order service, and clean and re-use supposedly ‘single-use’ items like keg caps. We also repurpose cardboard boxes that we receive for our own deliveries and have switched to a paper-free office.”

We also believe that supporting local is a big part of sustainability, so we endeavour to source as many of our goods and services as possible from Devon or the South West, and encourage others to do the same.

“The more local businesses can support each other, the better our local economy gets.” Says co-owner John Magill. “Where possible, stop putting money in the pockets of multinational corporations, and look at the quality and value available on your doorstep. Customers respond well to it, you usually get much better service and develop good business relationships. It’s a win-win.”

“Brewing is an energy intensive industry, so it’s important to drive improvements where we can. We have learned that the sustainability journey is one of many small steps. The key is to keep improving  bit by bit.”

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Press release from PowderkegBeer.

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