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8th May 2020

Practical support for craft brewers

While the whole brewing and distilling industry is suffering the knock-on effects of Covid 19, the craft brewing sector is being hit disproportionately by the lockdown. It’s no understatement to say that cask brewers in particular have a problem.

Although players in the supply chain can’t solve the crisis, they can offer support. Various initiatives have been created to help craft brewers and distillers, and among these are the ones Crisp Malt has introduced.

“Our aim always is to work in close partnership with our customers” says Rob Moody Crisp Malt director, “and that means when things get tough, we want to provide support initiatives that actually make a difference. That’s not just commercial considerations but also technical and educational. Wherever possible we want to help brewers to weather the COVID-19 storm and support their efforts to come back stronger.”

  1. Refunds

Crisp is offering craft brewing and distilling customers the opportunity to return whole pallets of malt purchased after 1st March and to be refunded.

“Many of the Cask and Keg focussed brewers had to stop brewing so quickly that they now have stocks of malt they cannot use in the short term. We have offered to buy back this stock to help them with cashflow and storage,” says Rob. “This offer has been very well received, including by those who don’t need to take us up on it, but appreciate the gesture. Anyone wanting to know more should call their usual contact at Crisp or customer services on

  1. Credit terms and individual payment plans

At the best of times, it’s tough for brewers when customers take a long time to settle bills. Now, it looks as though a hand to mouth existence may be the norm for some time to come.

“We have offered extended credit terms and individual payment plans. This has been warmly welcomed by many customers,” says Rob. “If you would like to discuss your specific needs, please just phone your sales manager or send them an email.”

  1. Half tonne pallets

Many who are still brewing during lockdown are producing fewer or smaller batches.

“Our usual minimum order is one tonne, but we have temporarily introduced the option to buy half tonne pallets of malt at no extra haulage cost,” says Rob. “Again, this should help with cash flow and allow brewing to continue on a smaller scale.”

  1. Educational tools and Insights

Craft brewing and distilling sales manager Colin Johnston has led a stream of information and educational resources.

“The newest is The Steep, a bi-weekly newsletter,” says Colin. “It will contain information and news relevant to brewers. Sure, there will be plenty of focus on malt, but that isn’t all. We’ll be writing features, looking at beer recipes, listing our webinars and those of others and suggesting brewing content from across the web.”

To sign-up, head to: .

Audiences of 50 – 80 brewers from across the world have been attending the maltsters’ weekly technical brewing webinars. You can catch up with these on Crisp’s blog.

“The technical blog posts on subjects ranging from crop insights to malt functions have been well received too,” says Colin. “Take a look, and let us know what other topics you would like to see covered.”

Rob Moody concludes, “The craft brewing and distilling industry has been one of the business success stories of the past decade. Like so many businesses it is now in for a very difficult time. But, unlike many industries, it has a culture of co-operation and collaboration between producers and suppliers. Hopefully by working together we can get through it and be prepared and ready to go once the pubs and bars re-open and brewing ramps up again.

“We’re always open to ideas on what we can do to support you. Please get in touch if you have suggestions about anything that would help in these challenging times.  Talk to your contact at Crisp or just ping an email to We look forward to hearing from you.”



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