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8th September 2023

Press Release Re: Torrside x Swift Run Coaching

Torrside Brewing, High Peak are pleased to announce the release of three limited edition running themed beers alongside our friends at Swift Run Coaching.

“…And You Do This For Fun?” is a 8.5% Double IPA generously hopped with US hops. The name comes from the reaction from people to both drinking highly hopped, very bitter beers as well as running long distances. But if you know, you know.

“Second Runnings” is a classic 6.5% West Coast IPA, clear, bitter and with bite. The name is the initial reason why this collaboration came about with “second runnings” being the brewing term for the second beer produced through parti-Gyle brewing, as in this case.

“Pace Setter” is a 3.4% Table Beer designed to be eminently pintable after a good run with the low ABV allowing you to enjoy a few of a session.



Torrside is a democratic set-up between 3 long-practicing homebrewers, Chris, Nick, and Peter – with a lot of support from partners.   We’d each been brewing for several years, excited by the sheer range of beer from the new UK brewers, US imports and even more so from Europe – and it felt time to do something with all that beer obsession. The brewery is just us:  for a long time, we ran everything at weekends and evenings (though thankfully Chris is now full-time)!  Everything we can do for ourselves, we do:  recipe design, the brewing, packaging and bottling, the branding and design, even this website.  And we’re lucky to have a superb and distinctive artist in the family, too, providing our unique label & pumpclip.

That’s the mindset that got us doing this:  we want to make the beer that interests us, and we trust that will be enough for other beer drinkers to appreciate what we do.   So our range reflects our love of smoked beers, imperial monsters, and well-balanced hop-bombs.  And of interesting flavour experiments and style transgressions.

Swift Run Coaching –

Swift Run Coaching is the brainchild of Oliver Clarke, a long-time craft beer sales professional and obsessively positive runner and running coach.

Swift Run Coaching started life in 2020 when Oliver wanted to help his friends in craft beer and hospitality continue to be active and healthy during lockdown and has grown since then to become his full-time profession. With the mantra “Performance Through Positivity”, Swift Run Coaching focusses on balancing your health and life while also enjoying all aspects of it – including drinking beer and running!

Oliver also hosts wellbeing workshops for hospitality and craft beer businesses, as well as the annual SWIFT RUN at Thornbridge’s Peakender Festival.

Contact: Oliver Clarke,

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