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8th October 2020

Press Statement: Society of Indepedent Brewers criticise to closing of pubs in Scotland

Society of Independent Brewers respond to the news that licensed premises across Scotland are to be shut down for two weeks:

“Small breweries lost 82% of their sales with the closure of pubs during the National lockdown and have been struggling through the summer at around 50% of their normal sales. Devastatingly two small breweries a week have been shutting up for good.

The Scottish Government needs to urgently publish the full evidence for this lockdown and guarantee that small breweries will be eligible for the financial assistance package.”

“Pubs and small breweries are in a fragile state because of the Covid crisis and for many this sudden shut down in Scotland will be the final blow. A two week shut down will mean fresh cask beer will have to be destroyed in pub cellars, with pubs or small breweries footing the bill, and the beer supply chain from breweries into pubs must once again come to a dead stop.”

James Calder, SIBA Chief Executive


Press release from SIBA

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