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12th February 2021

Private Members Club takes the lead in installing COVID-secure technology

Richmond Upon Thames’ first private members club, The Richmond Club [Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 2PN], has taken the lead in the fight against COIVD to ensure their members and guests are a safe as possible by installing COVID-secure technology, Clenzair.

The business which opened its doors November last year following a six-figure investment, promptly closed them again following lockdown. “Our journey to opening the doors of The Richmond Club has been a bumpy one, with Government restrictions forever changing”, said Club Owner Maureen Heffernan. “Our priority however has always been to ensure we offer a safe environment for our members and their guests, so it was crucially important that we found a system that kills airborne bacteria and viruses.”

The advancement in technology has seen an explosion in systems including fogging machines and extraction systems. New to the market is Clenzair that has credible test data and operates without chemicals. It runs quietly in the background neutralising viruses, including COVID-19, both in the air and on surfaces.

“It was a no-brainer to invest in this system.  It makes our venue completely safe to visit, work from or socialise in”, added Heffernan.

Across the country, the hospitality sector, including pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels, have lost circa £200m a day in sales in 2020[1]. However, the entrepreneurial team behind The Richmond Club found a gap in the market and opened a new business, with the knowledge and scientific reassurance that their venue was safe to operate in what has been the worst global pandemic of a generation.

Ben Shanks-Pepper, Manager of The Richmond Club, said: “In the design and planning of our new business, we were dedicated to ensuring that our operation was COVID-secure. We didn’t want to be reliant on cleaning companies or fogging systems that could not guarantee constant protection. We knew that this virus would be part of daily life for the foreseeable future, so we had to invest in the best technology out there. Our new Clenzair installation provides piece of mind and a sense of comfort for our team too, knowing they are working in a completely safe environment.”

“We would love to welcome our members through our doors, but that isn’t possible during the latest national lockdown lingers on. However, we have adapted our offer to ensure our members can still enjoy the fantastic food we offer through our ‘At Home’ range of food hampers and indulge in our ‘Shake your Own’ cocktail kits. Our online wine tastings and events will never take the place of a visit to our club, but we like to think there is room for a little bit of The Richmond Club at home.”

Luke Harris, CEO of Clenzair, said: “We are delighted to be working with The Richmond Club, its innovative approach to the setup of the business is inspiring. They have not only found a gap in the market to run a successful business, but they have recognised and appreciate the impact of our game-changing technology on their operation in the long run.

“We would urge the Government to embrace this technology in the fight against COVID-19. It will enable businesses to reopen safely, schools to get back to normal and care homes to eradicate a whole range of prolific viruses, not just COVID-19. The vaccine roll out is an enormously positive step in getting the UK economy back open safely and we can provide valuable support to keep it open and thriving. Our technology offers a safe solution that can attack a virus while suspended in the air immediately after a cough or a sneeze and also constantly sanitises touchpoint surfaces as well, allowing companies to operate as safely as possible.”


Editors Notes:

  • The Clenzair technology-advanced active air purification system neutralises 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, both on surfaces and in the air, including SARS CoV2 – the virus that causes COVID-19, creating a continuously, safe and sanitised environment 24/7.
  • Clenzair is an air purification and odour control system which significantly improves indoor air quality (IAQ) reducing viruses, bacteria, gases, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), mould and odour by up to 99.9% whilst its advanced atmosphere oxidisation technology gives indoor environments fresh, clean and odour free air.
  • Clenzair uses breakthrough technology evidenced by the outstanding test results across the entire range of microbes.
  • The newest version of this system uses a patented advanced type of technology consisting of a destratification fan with Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionisation to remove airborne pollutants 24 hours a day, providing continuous air purification for both the air and surfaces, as well as neutralising those that have settled on surfaces. Research has found this type of air purification system to be effective in neutralising the smallest particles of bacteria and other contaminants, which could include everything from the common cold to MRSA, Norwalk Virus, Streptococcus, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Candida Albicans, and SARS and SARS COV2.
  • The small, discreet units are simple to install, with no ducting required and no ongoing maintenance needed. Running costs amount to less than £25 per annum per unit, making Clenzair ideal for any type of business. Hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants, retail outlets, gyms and leisure centres, care homes, hospitals, schools, hairdressers and cinemas could all benefit from the revolutionary technology.

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