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13th November 2012

Proud of British beer?

Jane Peyton, London beer sommelier and member of the British Guild of Beer Writers, launches a campaign to persuade the British government to give more support to British beer (and pubs) by serving British beer at official government receptions including state dinners; to recognise the priceless asset that British beer and pubs offer for the tourist industry; and to recognise that Britain’s national drink is something to be very proud of.   Other countries show great pride and support for their national drinks e.g. France with wine and Scotland with whisky – why not Britain and beer?

 Jane Peyton said “I recently attended a government reception hosted by the deputy Prime Minister.  Not only was no beer on offer, but the wine was not even English.  Imagine the French government serving Italian wine at official functions!  If we can persuade the British government to showcase beer at official events then it will send a message that Britain cares about its national drink.  This can only be good for the brewing and pub industry. Come on British government – let’s hear it for beer!

The campaign starts with a petition called ‘We Are Proud of British Beer & Pubs’ and Jane is asking all beer and pub lovers to sign the petition and to pass the details on through social media and ask friends and followers to sign too.


Petition details here:


This is the short link for Twitter:


Editors’ Notes

This is the wording on the ‘We Are Proud of British Beer & Pubs’ petition.


Dear Mr Cameron, The signatories of this petition are very proud of British beer and pubs. We urge the British government to do the following:

  • Recognise the importance of Britain’s national drink (beer) and showcase it at official government functions by offering it to guests at drinks receptions, and serving it during state dinners and other receptions as a superb match for food.
  • Trade delegations to highlight British beer when they are overseas. Other countries celebrate their national drinks – France with wine, Scotland with whisky.
  • Recognise British beer and pubs as a unique and priceless asset to the tourism industry. Visit Britain to make more of British beer and pubs when they market Britain overseas. Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Germany entice hundreds of thousands of visitors each year specifically because of the beer. Let’s do the same for Britain.
  • Recognise the significant value of beer to the domestic and export economy and take British beer and pubs seriously as a major element of Britain plc.

Britain is one of the leading brewing nations in the world and we have no reason to be shy of proclaiming something that British brewers excel at.  Let’s hear it for beer!




Contact details:  Jane Peyton:  Tel: 07729 601 590    Email: