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14th September 2021

Published in December 2021, ‘The Beer Bible’ by Jeff Alworth

“A tome worthy of its name.” — Food and Wine
“Easily digestible for drinkers of all levels.”— Imbibe
“Pick up this book as a refresher or a gift, lest we forget that spreading beer education is just as important as advocating for good beer itself.”— Beer Advocate
“The ultimate guide.” — Sports Illustrated

Second Edition

Jeff Alworth

Published by Workman in December 2021; £21.99, paperback

Imagine sitting in your favourite pub with a good friend who just happens to have won a TACP Award—a major culinary accolade—for writing a book about beer…

Then imagine that he’s been spending the years following the first edition exploring all the changes that continue to shape and evolve the brewing world.

That’s this book, the completely revised and updated bible on beer that covers everything:

  • The History, or how we got from the birth of malting and national traditions to a hazy IPA in 12,000 years.
  • The Variety: dozens of styles and hundreds of brews, along with recommended “Beers to Know.”
  • The Curiosity: If beer’s your passion, you’ll delight in learning what type of hops went into a favourite beer and where to go for beer tourism, as well as profiles of breweries from around the world.
  • And lastly, The Pleasure. Because, ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

About the Author

Jeff Alworth writes about beer, cider, and occasionally, politics.

His books include: The Beer Bible (Workman), The Widmer Way (Ooligan), The Secrets of Master Brewers (Storey), and Cider Made Simple (Chronicle).

His books have twice been cited by the North American Guild of Beer Writers as Best Book, and in 2016 The Beer Bible was named best wine, spirits, or beer book by the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP).

He also co-hosts the Beervana Podcast, where he and Oregon State University economics professor Patrick Emerson discuss beer and the economics of beer.

Jeff regularly gives educational speeches, guided tastings, and corporate presentations, and teaches courses about cider and beer.

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